[OFFICIAL] Michael Jackson Dance Tribute – Hollywood July 25, 2009

Check out FLASH MOB AMERICA’S new Flash Mob Channel www.youtube.com This is Flash Mob America’s official video of the Michael Jackson flash mob tribute done at Hollywood & Highland July 25, 2009!! We had over 100 dancers show up just a couple hours before showtime to learn the dance!! A group of us taught the dance for an hour and then headed over to the location. I waited for the right moment and gave the sound guy a signal and showtime! The crowd was very surprised and thrilled! Thank you to all the dancers that showed up!! We had an amazing time. And a big thank you to Bounce and Jennie Widegren for inspiring me to do this. Organizer: Conroe Brooks Sound: Gregg Rogen Cameras: Jason Weissbrod Jordan Rennick Andres Baez Jeremiah Kent Alice Carter Jean Luis Contreras Thank you: Dwayne Jones, Staci Lawrence, Jessica Schatz, Casey O’Neill, Rhett Fisher, Adrianne Richards, Ava Comissiong, Kristi Slager, Sara Sanderson, Sevier Crespo, and many more flashmobamerica.com http twitter.com youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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