Switched At Birth Season 1 Ep 5 Part 2/3 (Dogs Playing Poker)

After learning that Bay has secretly been seeing Ty both John and Kathryn insist on having him over for dinner. Knowing that they're going to use the dinner to interrogate him, Bay tries to prepare, but she's nowhere near prepared for the secret Ty reveals. And Daphne's morals are tested when Toby ropes her and Emmett into a poker game, but it soon becomes clear that he may be … [Read more...]

David Letterman – The Lindsay Lohan Incident

Dave talks about what really happened with the Lindsay Lohan Top Ten. Video Rating: 3 / 5 From one troubled actor to another, Charlie Sheen offers Lindsay Lohan advice. For more, click here: ABCNews.com Video Rating: 4 / 5 … [Read more...]

Mishka says 12 words – Dog Talking

Click this link to see more Mishka videos→www.youtube.com Mishka's Facebook: www.facebook.com Mishka's Twitter: twitter.com Mishka's 3D Channel: www.youtube.com Video Rating: 4 / 5 … [Read more...]

Lil B – “Charlie Sheen” (Music Video)

VladTV.com - @LILBTHEBASEDGOD new song available on iTunes - http Actor and television star Charlie Sheen will appear on The Alex Jones Show today for an exclusive live interview in which Sheen will set the record straight on the myriad of exaggerations, misinformation and outright falsehoods about his life that have been whipped up by the … [Read more...]