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THIS IS A 2012 CALENDAR — Love of Dogs by Greenwich Workshop artists Bonnie Marris and John Weiss offers a unique showcase of all aspects of man’s best friend, cuddly and loveable, regal and pristine.
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In Dog We Trust
After a bad divorce and a brief prison term for computer hacking, 42-year-old Steve Levitan has returned to his home town of Stewa…
Outward Hound Back Seat Pet Hammock, Black
The Back Seat Hammock gives pets a safe and comfortable ride suspended between the sturdy material. Attached easily from the front…
A Dog’s Life: Autobiography of a Stray
Squirrel and her brother Bone begin their lives in a toolshed behind someone’s summer house. Their mother nurtures them and teache…
Safari Ltd Dogs Toob
Discover a world of fascinating award winning miniature collectibles in a myriad of popular themes. Each collection is professiona…

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Melvin Troy – The Melvin Troy Podcast
from The Melvin Troy Podcast
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Lone Star

Andrews UK Limited~~Another fine mystery novel from the ever popular Poisoned Pen Press.In 1955 Edna Ferber is basking in the success of her blockbuster novel Giant. Director George Stevens and Warner Brothers Studio are in the final days of filming her Texas oil epic, and Edna looks forward to meeting Rock Hudson, Liz Taylor, and especially young James Dean. But there is trouble brewing. James Dean, the new box-office sensation and teen heartthrob, has been accused of fathering a child with an unstable extra named Carisa Krausse. The studio fears the negative publicity will jeopardize the release of the movie. Then the actress is murdered, and James Dean is the prime suspect. With character-actress Mercedes McCambridge as her sympathetic sidekick, a shaken Edna investigates the killing, determined to clear Deanas name. Edna soon entrenches herself in the life of the often secretive maverick actor. But can she prove his innocence? The more she investigates the more she uncovers simmering rivalries, petty jealousies, and cruel infidelitiesathe dark underside of glittering Hollywood. A dynamite debut launches a series for Ferber as shrewd sleuth.REVIEWSIfkovicas promising debut, the first in a series, features real-life writer Edna Ferber as an amateur sleuth in 1955 Hollywood. The Pulitzer Prize winner is visiting there because her bestselling novel, /Giant/, is being made into a film starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean. While she as repelled at how show biz distorts the thinking of everyone involved in it, she becomes fascinated by young Deanatruculent, winsome, infuriating and brilliant. Though heas the hottest actor in town, heas still vulnerable to blackmail letters from an unstable actress, so heas the prime suspect when sheas murdered. The septuagenarian Ferber, an equally shrewd but tarter version of Miss Marple, begins investigating with the help of /Giant/ co-star Mercedes McCambridge, sorting through a city built on vanity and glamour. Ifkovic handles the mystery plot competently, but the main pleasure is looking beneath the surface of the movie business to see the stars as people, in particular the doomed Dean. — Publishers Weekly, April 2009.If you would like to see your book on iPhone and other formats please contact us via

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Merryl Streep

Merryl Streep

So I had a moment today where I stopped and asked myself, “Are we too harsh on people?”  To be honest, I’ve had this moment a few times lately.

Websites like ours rely on several things, one of which being poking fun at celebrities and how incredibly ridiculous they all are.

An article was written not too long ago explaining how we decide who we’re going to make fun of.  You were asked to pay attention to the fact that serious artists are noticeably absent from Dirt in a negative light—think Meryl Streep.  We haven’t said one bad word about Meryl Streep.

So who DO we make fun of?  I like going after the reality stars.  I absolutely LOVE going after the reality stars.  Why?  For starters, they deserve it.  But there’s a deeper reason, though.  Look at it this way.

They would not EXIST if it weren’t for websites like this.  People like Snooki and Heidi Montag rely on the negative publicity.  Why?  Because that’s mainly the only type of publicity they get.  Without it, what are they?  Nonexistent.  Shouldn’t they be thanking us for keeping them in the spotlight?  What are their crazy shenanigans if we’re not recording them?

Think about it.  Why is there always some sort of hype surrounding Snooki?  It’s people making fun of her hair.  People making fun of her face.  People making fun of her height.  People making fun of the fact that she has the IQ of an amoeba.

I’d also like to throw out there that these people COULD choose to turn their lives around and keep their fame and fortune through better methods, but we all know that takes way too much work.  It’s so much easier to become rich by acting like a total asshole.

I’d like to see what would happen if for one week, we all left the stars alone like they’re constantly requesting.  They might not like being irrelevant as much as they think they would…

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