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Keep your clothes on ladies (and gents)! It’s only a picture!

But what a sweet, sexy, sultry picture it is!!!!

We’ve got an EXCLUSIVE image of Kellan Lutz from his new movie Immortals to share and if this doesn’t get your heart racing, then you’re probably dead. (Note: If you also sparkle, then you should still be feeling some kind of tingling!)

Now that is a man who takes care of his, um, instrument! Those pecs! Those abs! We just want to riiiiip off that cape to see his delectable arms ripple and flex as he moves!

Yeah, we’re clearly going to see this movie! LOLz!

U like???

[Image via Jan Thijs © 2011 War of the Gods, LLC. .]


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Both Dane Cook and the Coen Brothers are currently developing network TV shows. While you try to figure if that balances out the power shift in the realm of television, ease your potential confusion with the 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week.

Henry’s Kitchen-How to Make Henry’s Lip-smacking BBQ Beer Fish

Hands down, Henry’s Kitchen is one of the most hysterical, yet darkest, web series ever made and you should watch every episode.

The Tommy-Wi Show-Ep. 2-Dead Space 2

If you’re a connoisseur of sincerely bad films, you might remember Tommy Wiseau from The Room. Whether you do or you don’t, it’s pretty funny watching someone not understand how to play Deadspace 2.

The Eradicaster

The Eradicaster — watch more funny videos

Denver based comedy group the Grawlix shows what happens when Newton’s Third Law of Motion applies to the rise of podcasts.

Batman Meets the Riddler

In anticipation of the next installment of the Dark Knight, Pete Holmes, Matt McCarthy, Alison Becker, and Oren Brimer show that Batman might not be all that great at word play.

Lee Camp at Occupy Wall St.

Comedian Lee Camp kills it doing stand-up at Occupy Wall St. with no stage or mic.

The Nerdist

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