Oh, hi. I was just out of the office for a few minutes to run some errands and I encountered this:

Yes, we’re just a couple of weeks away from Halloween, and who doesn’t need a severed foot around the house to add that special decorating flair? Hey, it’s only $ 6.99. It’s a bargain at twice the price.  And it’ll give your living room that warm lived-in feeling.  At least, I think I saw them recommend it on HGTV once.

I sometimes wonder how people who have actually experienced the horrors depicted on Halloween feel this time of year. If you lost your foot in a terrible accident and you’re wandering the aisles of Party City and see Cut Off Foot on sale, or you’re at a party and Cut Off Foot is dangling from a shelf, are you going to feel just a little… uncomfortable? Heaven help people who have been attacked by homicidal old-time-hockey-mask-wearing maniacs wielding machetes, or by women in French maid costumes. That happens, right?

Anyway, since I got back a little late and I’m lazy, and since your time is running out to come up with your costume concept for this year, I figured you could talk about what your costume will be this year or exchange ideas for that down below in the comments. I did, however, see one mask that might qualify as the most frightening costume in the entire store.


You see a Raider fan in full face paint, you’d best get running the other way. And I say that as an Eagles fan. (Let’s not talk about that, please)

While you ponder what to wear, let’s look at the week that wuz here at Nerdist.com:

1. Starting the week off, Nicole reviewed what’s done so far at Pottermore. There’s promise and frustration in store.

2. A Dark Crystal song parody? Chris got one from The Great Luke Ski, made in response to the discussion about the lack of same on the podcast. We get results!

3. Jake’s list of the week’s Most Intentionally Funny Videos included another foray into Henry’s Kitchen.

4. Nicole celebrated the return of MTV’s Liquid Television, at least online. Nostalgia reigned.

5. Chris showed us the Avengers trailer, and he said he now has “a plumpy” for it, which is an image I think we can all agree we’d prefer not to have etched into our minds. Or maybe you would.

6. We saw the first episode of Felicia Day as Tallis in Dragon Age: Redemption. You won’t mess with Tallis if you know what’s good for you.

7. Sandra showed us a DragonCon Cosplay video, and a lot of you liked that.

8. Arnie launched into his reviews of the rebooted DC comics, and there was a lot to look at. There’ll be more next week.

9. Hey, David O’Doherty has another book out! It’s called 100 Facts About Sharks.” I wouldn’t use it to write scholarly research, but it’s definitely good for several laughs.

10. Why not a moody live-action Voltron? Alex Albrecht showed us what that would be like.

11. Kyle prepared himself for The Thing, the prequel, and reviewed some vintage Doctor Who.

12. Jonah sent over the unholy wedding of The Walking Dead and The Soup. And Mad Men, or at least one Mad Man.

13. Another Muppets trailer. It’s coming! Earlier in the week, they told you to pipe down in the theater. And don’t bring your microwave there, either.

The cast of The Walking Dead (Matthew Welch/AMC)

14. Nicole previewed Season 2 of The Walking Dead. She likes it. A LOT. You’ll get your first look Sunday, followed by Chris’ Talking Dead.

15. Matthew G.’s Music Geek Track of the Week was from Tycho, which he described as a foray into a “post-apocalyptic serenity.” Okay. That followed his discovery of an unusual version of the Caillou theme song.

16. Nerdist Podcast: Ben Folds was… amazing. That one was not to be missed, even better than expected.

17. Nerdist Network Podcasts: The Indoor Kids were visited by Duncan Trussell. We welcomed the Thrilling Adventure Hour to the Nerdist Network with an episode in which Frank and Sadie Doyle go to Africa and shoot things. Riki talked to the spectacularly talented and utterly unique Reggie Watts about Making It. Sex Nerd Sandra talked about sex and cancer, and if you think that’s a downer, let me assure you, you want to know about this BEFORE you NEED to know, because they don’t always tell you about that when you’re finding out about the effects of treatment, believe me. Ben’s Writers Panel had Steve Levitan, Rob Thomas, and John Enbom, which is Modern Family, Veronica Mars, Party Down, which is quality indeed. And Todd had Gary Gulman on to talk about stuff.

One more pre-Halloween tip: Buy candy now and you’ll only end up eating most of it before the first kids show up at your door, so… go ahead and buy it anyway. Candy is good. It will make you happy. Especially the chocolate stuff. Let the kids fight it out over whatever’s left. They’ll take off-brand unidentifiable sour gummis and they’ll LIKE it.

Chris (who’s featured in an interview in the Hartford Courant this weekend), Jonah, and Matt are in New York for Comic-Con this weekend, then you should watch Chris on AMC for Talking Dead Sunday night. It’ll go quite well with a nice hot burrito. Enjoy it all.

The Nerdist

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Whomp, whomp. Well, the important thing is that he is okay.

Cinemax announced today they have decided to halt production on their planned Transporter series temporarily as their star Chris Vance was injured on set.

The accident occurred while filming an action scene in Toronto, and while the ordeal sets everything back for the next two weeks, the network feels this is the best option give Chris’ physical state. Showrunner Steve Shill explained:

”We want to ensure Chris’ return to peak physical condition before putting him back in front of the camera to continue shooting this face-paced, action-packed series.”

Understandable for sure.

This does mean though, for those of you who are really looking forward to this, that the show won’t air until next year. Hopefully early next year, but still – next year.

Hope you feel better soon, Chris!

[Image via WENN.]


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