Bristol Palin will be back on the tube in her own reality TV show. It’s called Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp and will premiere on Lifetime later this year, reports USA Today . The premise of the “docuseries” is to follow Bristol in Alaska as she “steadfastly moves forward both personally…
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Nancy Grace said some pretty inflammatory things in the wake of Whitney Houston‘s death — like insinuating that she could have been murdered.

As you can imagine, people were not happy about it. Like the co-hosts of The View!

Check out this video (above) of the ladies confronting Nancy Grace about her shock tactics — and watch Nancy Grace get super defensive and start slinging insults right back at the panel (you know, behind your coffee mugs!)


She should just admit that she says controversial things for controversy sake! Call it a day!


Watch it!


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Feeling this drag queen! That outfit alone makes me love this! Ha


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