We won’t be seeing these two hotties with the bodies, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, locking lips anytime soon.

The two stars from The Gangster Squad reportedly had a scene involving a sexy make out session, but the film has been pushed back from its original October 12th date to a late, late 2012 release.


Why is life so unfair???

The period piece also features Sean Penn and Josh Brolin who reprise their roles from Milk. Penn is back as Harvey Milk who, after being shot and killed by Bro-Bro, rises from the dead and returns as a zombie…

Nah, we’re just kidding. Lolz!

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The hilarious and brilliant Jim Gaffigan returns to the show to talk about his new special, Mr. Universe, the growth of comedy over the years and eating healthy!

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Artwork by Levi McGranahan

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Aww.. we’re still so sad over this!!

But Sherri Shepherd wasn’t the only one who got the boot after this week’s Dancing With the Stars elimination!!

So did the press! Sherri just bypassed the entire line! VERY strange for the recently eliminated… they always stay to do the interviews!!

One studio source even said:

She was crying pretty hard post show and everyone was hugging her. It’s highly unusual for [the eliminated celeb] to skip press, especially someone who seemed to have a good attitude like Sherri.

So what in the world was up, gurl??

We know she had to do a Jimmy Kimmel Live interview and catch a red eye to co-host The View, but still… Seems like someone was just over it!!

She ended up telling Jimmy:

It was a very big surprise. Carrie Ann said she’s never seen me so expressionless, and I’m an actress, so that’s like telling Gladys Knight she can’t sing. As an actress, Carrie Ann’s going to get me blacklisted.

Barbara [Walters] voted 12 times the first week, Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] tweeted [about it], Joy [Behar] was rooting for me — I know all my ladies were there for me every step of the way.

Sigh… and we were too, gurl! We were too!!

But hey… at least you still have a job after all of this, right?? Can’t say the same for everyone! LOL!!

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The show has teased about the real location of Springfield for years, but Simpsons creator Matt Groening lets Smithsonian magazine in on the secret: Homer’s hometown is named after Springfield, Oregon. Why? Groening grew up in Portland watching Father Knows Best , which was set in “Springfield.” As a kid, he…
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