It’s like the Twilight Zone these days!

We’re so used to hearing about Lindsay Lohan getting into TROUBLE with the law, but lately, all the actress seems to be doing is RESOLVING these issues…lawsuit by lawsuit!

Remember that our little LiLo got herself into when Dawn Holland sued her during her December 2010 stay in rehab on claims that she brutalized the Betty Ford staffer after refusing to take a breathalyzer test?

Well, apparently, that case has FINALLY been settled out of court and for an undisclosed amount!

Guess we know how someone used her Liz & Dick signing bonus!

Ha! We kid, we kid!

In all honesty, we doubt we’ll ever know what exactly when down on the fateful night in rehab, but we are relieved to see that gurl is tying up all of her loose legal ends and moving forward!

That’s definitely the right attitude!

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What’s this about the Republicans waging a War on Women? Some women actually want nothing more than for the GOP to get all up in their business, argues Kate Beckinsale in a new Funny or Die video that is quite liberal in its use of the word “vagina.” Beckinsale, joined…
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Hey, you Nerdist people in the U.K.! Are you a big fan of the Nerdist podcast? Do you want to appear on the BBC America Nerdist show with your Quemments for Chris, Jonah, and Matt? Here’s your opportunity, but you’re gonna have to act fast.

This is what you need to do: On Monday — today — you can go to the 2012 LEGO Show at Event City in Manchester. There, between 1 and 4:30 pm, you will find Alison Haislip and writer/producer Kristen Rutherford with a camera crew. Go to them with your Quemment and you might just be captured on video for posterity, or at least for BBC America.

Then, on Tuesday, May 8th, Alison, Kristen, and the crew will be at Forbidden Planet in London — 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London — and will be taping there as well. Kristen tells me, “Friends of the show should come anytime between 10 am and 11:30 am to give us their Quemments in exchange for their souls. Okay, not your souls, but you WILL be on camera. So, part of your soul, at least.” Be prepared to make a deal.

And if you can’t make it to either one of those, you can still get your Quemments on the air, just not with your bright, shiny faces and voices. You can tweet your Quemments to @kristensays and she says she “will try to make a British person do it for (you) by proxy. With little to no violence. (But probably a little, since I’m hopped up on PG Tips & Maltesers).” That would be a lot of Maltesers. I can’t eat that many. They gum up my teeth.

Anyway, enough about candy and dental dilemmas. Go find Kristen and Alison and the cameras and Quemment away.


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He’s not the only one sad to say farewell!

Stars and fans of The Hunger Games alike were bummed to discover that Gary Ross would not be returning to direct the adaptation’s follow-up, Catching Fire, and Liam Hemsworth has finally opened up about the switch to new director Francis Lawrence, and reveals that he’s bummed to have to say good-bye to the original helmer!

He explains:

“The last I heard the new director (Lawrence) had just come on, so that’s really cool. I’m excited about that. I think we shoot the last few months of this year. I’m really sad to see that Gary’s not going to be part of the second one. He did such an amazing job on the first. I think that there’s still so many people a part of it that want the film to be great and care about it so much that they’re not going to bring the wrong person on.”

But hey! We’re glad to hear that he’s staying positive about the switch-up!

And he’s right – with so many cast and crew returning for round two!

Catching Fire is an entirely different story than the first – a fresh set of eyes may be just what this sequel needs to take this franchise to the next level!

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