The Avengers Pull John Carter To Safety!

We didn’t see this coming! Do you remember that little $ 200 million flop that Disney put out earlier this year called John Carter?? Well, it was sitting not-so-pretty at #38 on the box office charts before The Avengers came out… and now it’s at #12! How did that happen?? Drive-ins! 150 of them! It’s… Read More

Funny Dogs FAIL Compilation

For More Hilarious FAIL Videos Click Below-: Hey Guys! Watch the cutest dogs doing the craziest things. Dont miss watching best dog fail compilation. Don’t forget to leave COMMENTS on what should be our next fail compilation! SUBSCRIBE NOW Become a fan of us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter

Maroon Five’s Moves Like Jagger Was A Mistake!

Aaaaand rightly so. The song is pretty meh! Adam Levine recently opened up about allowing outside writers into the studio for Moves Like Jagger, and initially, the band was NOT happy about the intrusion! The Voice host reveals: “Sometimes a co-writer will write something that’s almost better than what you would do, and it’s like,… Read More

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