Did you know The Voice had late fees set up in Christina Aguilera‘s contract???

Well apparently Christina didn’t… or at least she doesn’t act like it!!

According to sources, gurl has been two hours late to set WAY TOO MANY TIMES! And the execs are sick are of it!!! But she doesn’t seem to notice…

The insiders explain:

Christina is consistently about two hours late. For season three this has got to stop. Whatever her fine is now doesn’t bother her. She has so much money she probably doesn’t notice.

Higher-ups on the show want to raise it to a number that does bother her so she actually arrives on time.

The [other mentors] can’t stand how late she is. They know she’s a girl and she takes longer to get ready, but this is ridiculous. And when she gets to set she still has to go through hair and makeup.

Dayum gurl, that’s a whole lot of hassle, don’t ya think!?!

We know she’s earned some diva demands with her killer voice, but demands and behavior are two different things!!


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Ahhh! It’s all coming together!!!

We previously told you that this fall, a musical based on the late Whitney Houston’s film debut, The Bodyguard, will be premiering in London!

The play adaptation will feature Heather Headley, as she takes on Whitney’s role and Lloyd Owen as the bodyguard, Kevin Costner’s character in the film.

Check out a behind the scenes sneak peek (above)!!!

Looks like the show is really gearing up to be something special! We hope it would make Whitney proud.

Want to hear more of Heather taking on So Emotional? Take a look at the video of her in the studio (below)!


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Can you guess the theme that links all these quite disturbing images of Robert Pattinson in the latest issue of France’s Premiere?

Yep, they are a tribute to the ultra-weird films of David Cronenberg, like Scanners and Videodrome. What is a nice teen idol like Pattinson doing with third eyes and a vaginal hole in his torso? Apparently the theme of the photo shoot was his idea. Edgy.

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