When Dutch artist Bart Jansen’s beloved cat Orville passed away, he really wanted to show the world how much he cared about the feline…so he had it stuffed and mounted to a remote-controlled flying helicopter, of course!

Staring into this poor kitty’s lifelike — and yet lifeless — eyes, I had to wonder if his owner had secretly planned to do the deed to him eventually. He was named after famous aviator Orville Wright, after all.

No matter what came first, the cat or the helicopter, the “Orvillecopter” is making a big splash at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam, where people can view the transhumanist transfeline creature fly around, looking quite stunned at the whole thing.

Check out the whole spectacle for yourself:

Via Daily Mail

Daily 23

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What’s the only thing that can make Russell Edgington happier than total enslavement of humanity?


If you’ll reflect with us, he was just about to kill Bill when Eric murdered the love of his immortal life in Season 3. As soon as the stake entered Talbot, Russell screamed the most blood-curdling cry since Tara’s frenzy from Season 2 and Bill was spared.

But fortunately for the Mississippi vamp, love is blossoming yet again in Season 5. And it’s changing things! Ooh la la!

Denis O’Hare says of his character’s future:

“Russell is different this season. I wouldn’t say he’s mellower, but he’s surprising. And there are aspects of his personality that are out this season that weren’t out before. He’s still angry and he’s still crazy, but he’s looking towards the long haul, and he’s looking to be happy.”

Yes. Even megalomaniacs deserve the happiness that comes with gettin’ it on every night.

But who will the new lovah boy be???

Well… he confirms it WON’T be preacher boy Newlin. But it IS someone who was present at the True Blood premiere last week.

HmMmMmm…. theorize and let us know UR bets!!


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Riki talks with writer/actor/director Robert Ben Garant (Reno 911, The State, Night at the Museum) about the formation of The State, becoming a professional writer and finding new ways to get ideas.


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Ferris Bueller – Oh Yeah (Made Famous by Yello) (as heard in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
from Oh Yeah (as heard in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
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