Ha! Now THAT would be a fitting hiring decision…

Dinosaurs Guys, we know you’ve been salivating from your vast, scaly jaws for some Jurassic Park IV deets, and we are SO glad we can throw some tasty human morsels your way!

Universal is FINALLY hatching the project from its very hard-shelled eggy exterior, and has hired Rise of the Planet of The Apes writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver to pen the franchise installment.

AND the man who likes to play God Steven Spielberg will NOT be directing, but he will sit pretty in his Executive Producer tower while some mystery director tackles the daunting beast.

No word as to whether Jeff Goldblum will return… ‘Cause honestly, that’s really all we care about!!


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Matt Groening has decided to pull the plug on acclaimed comic strip Life in Hell , 34 years after he started it and many years after its anthropomorphic rabbits and gay lovers were eclipsed by his other creations. Groening, 58, started the strip when he was a struggling artist in 1978…
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Jimmy Fallon always knows how to have fun with his celebrity guests.

When Michelle Pfeiffer stopped by NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, the actress rallied behind six red solo cups to play beer pong for the first time.

Although a newbie to the fraternal sport of choice, she wasn’t too shabby. After Jimmy sunk a shot, she answered with a swish and a splash of her own.

Get it, gurl! Watch those elbows though…LOL!

Find out who won this battle of balls (above) and let us know which celeb U would want to play in a game of beer pong (below)!


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But what about the smell of books and the weight of hardcovers??

Until they make an iPad cover that SMELLS like books, it will never be the same! LOLz!

It’s a sad day, but we have to report that American publishers are now bringing in more revenue from ebooks than hardcover books. For the first time ever, net sales revenue from ebooks exceeded hardcover books in the first quarter of the year.

The data was compiled from 1,189 publishers and doesn’t even include children’s books!

Adult ebooks brought in $ 282.3 million, with a 28.4% increase from the same period a year ago, while young adult ebooks performed even better, catapulting 233% to $ 64.3 million.

But all is NOT lost, because adult hardcover books ALSO grew!! They were up 2.7% to $ 229.6 million in Q1 2012.

So why is this happening?

You know why, don’t act like you don’t know why.

Playing dumb isn’t sexy! Ha!

Paperback sales are still in the lead, though, so no real worries — for now!

[Image via AP Images.]


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