Katie Holmes might have grown up dreaming that she could one day marry Tom Cruise, but unfortunately for her, it appears that the reality of a life with the movie star was not nearly as romantic as the one she imagined as a teenage girl.

In fact, sources close to the actress, who filed for divorce last Friday, paint a very different, sad portrait of the couple’s marriage, as well as the isolated, lonely childhood that is all their young daughter Suri knows.

Insiders explain:

“The fairy tale was over. They had become more like friends. It wasn’t a surprise to Tom. He knew it was coming. They have had problems for a while. His career came first, always, and Katie wasn’t happy anymore. She wanted him home, and for them to be together. But Tom only knows how to be a movie star. He’s a great dad and husband when he is there and present, but…work comes first. [Holmes] left him because she wanted a better life for her and her daughter. Suri has no friends. She does not have a normal life, and that was becoming more and more apparent as she was getting older. Katie wants to get a project that keeps her in one place so Suri can go to school, have friends, have play dates, all the things that she doesn’t have at the moment. Katie was willing to give up an unhappy marriage for a happier life for her daughter. She feels like she is bringing up Suri alone anyway. She doesn’t want Suri having to fly all over the world to see Tom. She wants normality.”

So heartbreaking to hear that even his child’s best interest can’t deter Tom from putting himself before his loved ones.

We can’t imagine how difficult this whole process must be right now, let alone with the Church of Scientology pulling all of its crazy on them, but we’re at least relieved to hear that Katie is now doing everything she can to ensure that her daughter grows up well-adjusted, loved, and socialized with other kids her age.

Plus, it sounds like she’s looking back into the TV arena for more consistent work – which we think could really help re-establish her career again!

We don’t know about you, but we’d be thrilled to fall in love with her all over again on the smalls creen, like we did when she started on Dawson’s Creek!

Hang in there, gurl! You’ll make it through this – and come out the other side better than ever!

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Catch her if Xenu you can!

Yesterday, we reported in the midst of all the TomKat divorce dramz, that Katie Holmes had been feeling uneasy because she thought she was being followed.

This time, however, she didn’t think the paps or even any stalkers were tracking her — she believed she was being followed by the Church of Scientology!

Reportedly, several mysterious vehicles had been stationed outside Katie’s new NYC apartment, which paparazzi had taken note of!

Now, the Church is firing back and claiming that those cars have NOTHING to do with them!

A lawyer for the Church, Gary Soter, has spoken out and DENIED the accusations of the Church following or conducting surveillance on Holmes after the divorce bombshell.

Hmmm…still sounds suspicious to us! Smells like bullshiz! We all know religions don’t deal too well with one of their members leaving the church!

Creepy…or just paranoid???

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