We were super proud of Anderson Cooper for putting an end to any debate about his sexuality by coming out of the closet to the public and we weren’t alone!

People took to Twitter to tweet their support for his decision and, although he’s not too emotional about it, he’s obviously grateful.

The journalist is hard at work on another big story in Africa, but the Silver Fox took a second to give a quick shout out to all of his fans by writing:

Like we said, he’s not very emotional about the whole thing and isn’t making a big deal about his not-so-secret confession. And why should he?

A person’s sexual orientation really shouldn’t be a big deal and we DREAM of a day when people won’t need to “come out” and can just be who they are from the moment they are born!

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Remember how we heard Katie Holmes could walk away with $ 15-20M?

Well… turns out, that might be totally bogus, because new sources confirm she’s hardly getting anything from the prenup.

And according to sources close to her, that doesn’t matter.

As one insider puts it:

“She doesn’t care about money. She’s not that girl. She loves to work.”

All she wants is child support… though that could end up becoming a pretty penny on its own!

So… does this prove her marriage wasn’t a sham? If she didn’t marry him knowing she’d be entitled to a specific sum of money, does that mean it was real?

Or is publicity something that shines more than gold??

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