The photo above is of Trayvon Martin‘s memorial site. Earlier this year, he was shot on his way home from buying iced tea and skittles.

Around 2:50 ET Friday, George Zimmerman, the volunteer watchman accused of murdering Trayvon, was released from Florida’s Seminole County Jail after posting his $ 1M bond.

While the bail was originally set to be $ 150,000, the judge raised the price after realizing he failed to disclose the amount of donations he and his wife received from the public.

In the judge’s mind, if he’s forced to pay higher bail, the chances of him fleeing the country are slim to none. Makes sense to us! But still… knowing he’s walking free (for the time being) is pretty unsettling.

We were one of the first to discuss this horrible case, and our stomachs are still sick over it. It’s extremely important that justice is served here.

We hope the police keep a close eye on this guy…

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We all scream for ice…


A woman who allegedly left the scene of a minor traffic accident in Western Arkansas told police the oldest excuse in the book.

No, not the dog ate the homework thing, the other oldest excuse.

Flora Burkhart told police she left her hit and run crime scene because she didn’t want her ice cream to melt, … and she didn’t think there was enough damage to warrant stopping.

Apparently, Burkhart’s car rear ended another vehicle on the highway late sundae evening (ice cream joke). She did not stop to check on the vehicle she hit, and the other driver called the police.

Burkhart was cited by the Fuzz for following another vehicle too closely and leaving the scene of an accident.

So remember, readers. If it ever comes down to following the law or eating your ice cream – FOLLOW THE LAW.

Or eat your ice cream really fast.

Just don’t blame us for the inevitable BRAIN FREEZE!!!

[Image via Fox.]


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