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Fraggle Rock has been off the air for 25 years, but part of its cave-dwelling cast is about to return to television, reports io9 . Titled The Doozers , the new show will feature the hardworking eponymous creatures who built delicious structures (out of a construction material made from radishes ) in…
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What a case of an unfortunate coincidence…

Katie Holmes has certainly been keeping busy, shielding her and Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri from all of their divorce dramz, all while keeping her career on track, as well!

Reportedly, Holmes is already gearing to get her mind off of Tom and onto her next project — a new film called Molly, which she co-wrote and will be co-producing!

Production on the flick starts up next week and will wrap sometime in August in NYC.

The film’s premise? Well, it looks like Katie’s own personal life has coincided with her career, seeing as the plotline is said to be about a single mother and her daughter!

Crazy timing, right?!

Katie’s then going to keep up the momentum, with her next film, Responsible Adults, beginning production in the fall, soon after!

As we reported previously, both Katie and Tom’s lawyers are off dealing with their dirty work, currently hashing out a divorce settlement!

Hopefully Katie filming in NYC, where she is currently living with six-year-old Suri, helps — not hurts — her chances of being granted sole custody!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]


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