oh dear

A few nice Famous Dogs images I found: oh dear Image by wombatarama Poor Rose is trying to follow in her famous sister’s footsteps. (like here cuteoverload.com/2011/02/24/this-just-in-pug-wearing-pug-… and here www.peoplepets.com/news/funny/pug-in-pug-slippers-wins-ov… ) High Fives All Around Image by Bill Gracey I know this looks like His Cuteness addressing the adoring multitudes from the balcony, but he […]

Personalized Dad Established Can Wrap Koozie

Personalized Dad Established Can Wrap Koozie He’ll love to celebrate being established all while enjoying a nice refreshing drink wrapped up with this personalized can wrap koozie. Free personalization of any title and up to 6 dates is included. Please enter a period (.) in between the month#44; day and year of the date for […]