Barber Surgeons Guild – Do You Feel Lucky, Steam Punk?

To suggest getting a haircut with Brandan Barney is just a haircut is like suggesting listening to Sgt. Peppers is akin to listening to an unsigned garage band. For me, “product” includes experience.  I’ve never liked mine hair and for most of my adult life it seems like the feeling was mutual. When I was […]

Suicide Hotline Comedy Show

Two weeks ago today, I got a text I didn’t want to get. From my “friend up north” who asked me if I knew my friend Kevin was dead.  I called her and confirmed and began wailing like a sick cat.  I just couldn’t believe it.  Well, actually I could.  I’m gonna write about Kevin […]

The Naked Housekeeper – Folding Laundry

NEW WEB-SERIES This is what’s so cool about The Hollywood Dog.  Got an idea for web-series?  Launch it here!  Here is my new web-series, The Naked Housekeeper.  Each week I will show you a helpful household hint and do it completely naked.  But (butt?) you’ll have to believe me ’cause I ain’t showin’ my bits […]

New Creative Tsunami of Comedy Talent Hits Hollywood

Ya Know, I’ve Been Around I’m a comedian and writer who first came here in 1959.  I was three.  Truth is I had it with being treated like a baby, so I packed my toys, told the parents what they could do with their rules and split my crib for the left coast.   After all, […]