How I Got Boo’d Off Stage by 350 Londoners

I’ve been asked to write a short true story about “comedy death”; the worst bombing on stage I ever experienced. Indeed, so many choices; where do I begin.  Since the person asking me for my best worst story is a comedian friend of mine in England for a book he’s completing, I thought I’d kill […]

Homestyle Comedy: The Eggemon Comedy Festival

Well, just when I not only thought I was losing again, but with the advent of the closing of iconic comedy venue Nerd Melt last week, along comes The Eggemon Comedy Festival. Then again, the newest comedy flag is the brainchild of comedy wunderkind Danny Lobell.  And, for a guy who when he was just […]

Both Swiftian and Dickensian, Larry Hankin’s “How To Be Homeless” @ The Fanatic Salon

When one wants to learn the art of living, they go see art. Water Lilies (Nympheas) by Claude Monet, once described as “The Sistine Chapel of Impressionism”, as a random example, taught me that if I did a little studying before taking that young lass to the art museum, I might stand a decent chance of […]

Mark Maryanovich – Rockin’ Photographer Rolls

Album cover art took a powder on August 1st, 1981. That dreaded date will live in infamy, for MTV was born as it was the beginning of then end of the fetishization of rock n roll album art.  Soon shrunk to a DVD, iconic visual imagery of the music makers would forever (it seems) be […]