This is unraveling faster than a hyper kid’s roll of wrapping paper!

Amidst the CRAZY breaking news of Kristen Stewart‘s affair with her married Snow White director, UsWeekly has unleashed the saucy details behind their cheating scandal!!!

According to the source, the two were “kissing like crazy” immediately on the day they were!

You see… K-Stew was heading home from the gym that day when she received a call, prompting her to turn around and head to the west side.

When she finally arrived at her destination, the photographer wondered why she’d be so antsy to reach an abandoned building with “FOR LEASE” signs everywhere.

But soon enough, the photog’s answer came when Rupert Sanders arrived. Before they knew it, Kristen was pushed up against the inside window while Rupert “kissed her entire body!”


The source continues explaining their dirty romap, saying:

“They’d only take a break whenever someone walked by. It seemed like they couldn’t get enough of each other. She was swept up in the moment.”

Eventually, Rupert seemed a little nervous so the two finally left.


Five days later, Kristen went to the Teen Choice Awards with Robert Pattinson… awww… poor R-Patz! Friends had apparently been warning him too. He “thought she was the one.”

And poor Liberty Ross!!! And their kids!!!

These two just opened a whole Pandora’s Box of hurt!

[Images courtesy of UsWeekly.]


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With grapefruits like that by his side, we guess Ice-T never has to worry about getting scurvy!!

The rapper and his cleavage-flaunting wife Coco were seen club-hopping in London over the weekend!

They are pictured (above) entering DSTRKT and, frankly, we’re almost surprised the bouncer let her in with those deadly weapons!!

We all know Coco is proud to display her fabulous, uhh, assets so this brash display of boobies in Britain really shouldn’t surprise us!!

Ch-Ch-Check out the rest of the scandalous photos (below) — just don’t let Ice-T catch you staring at her sweater puppies, LOLz!!

[Image via Zibi/WENN.]


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Could it be?!

Could our beloved Hermione Granger really be entering the Red Room of Pain?!

Not so fast…

Reports have been rapidly circulating that out of the many potential women vying for the role of Anastasia Steele in the upcoming film adaptation of kinky Twilight fanfiction 50 Shades of Grey, Emma Watson has emerged as the top contender, as producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti felt the Harry Potter actress was not only talented, but also innocent-looking enough to fit the bill!

However, the two quickly took to Twitter today to deny ANY casting whatsover!

Brunetti writes:

And De Luca furthers:

Well, PHEW!

We’re relieved to hear that production is concerned with actually compiling a creative team FIRST before even playing with the idea of casting!

So continue to let your minds run wild with potential Christians and Anas, folks!

It’s all just speculation for now!

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What’s new Pussycat? You wouldn’t believe us if we told you!!

Nicole Scherzinger is having a downright craptastic week.

When Simon Cowell booked the X Factor judge on a transatlantic flight in coach, the lovely Doll was forced to fork over her own savings to make the flight bearable.

An inside source revealed:

“Nicole was fuming… She always flies first-class but she was amazed to find that she had been booked into economy. The X Factor books all of her flights — but she hadn’t expected this. Nicole spent 20 minutes trying to get BA to upgrade her but in the end she had to put her hand in her pocket.”


Apparently darling Nikki spent around FIVE GRAND for the upgrade!!

Needless to say, she was not a happy kitty.

The source continued:

“There were a few mutterings about Simon Cowell being a tightwad.”

We bet there were!

Couple that with all the drama between her and Lewis Hamilton this week, after the soccer star was caught gallivanting around the British clubs with plethoras of models, and we’re sure Nicole was grateful to have a comfortable spot on the plane for her 10+ hour flight!

We don’t want to be there when this feral feline runs into Simon and extends those claws!!

[Image via WENN.]


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