Most Famous Cairn Terrier Dog Breed

One of the most veteran breeds to come out of the British Isles is the Cairn Terrier; Cairn Terriers can be traced back as far as the sixteenth century, where according to reports they were first bred. The spiritual home of the Cairn Terrier is in the far flung Island of Skye not far off the North West Coast of Scotland.

This strong and hardy form of Terrier was bred by local farmers to chase natural pests, especially badgers and wild foxes that were threatening to overrun this beautiful but rugged region of Scotland. The dog’s role was to enter the dens where these wild animals would live and breed and destroy them or at least chase them off. They earned their title from the name “Cairn”, which describes the practice adopted by the unwelcome members of the wild animal population of marking their den with a pile of rocks known in the Scottish vernacular as a Cairn. The Terrier was smart enough to recognize this pile of rocks as a signal to go into search and destroy mode and the farmer were smart enough to name this wily and tenacious little dog the Cairn Terrier.

As the breed grew in popularity there was much conjecture that the Cairn Terrier be regarded as an offshoot of the West Highland white Terrier, the Skye Terrier and the Scottish Terrier all of whom came from the same region and undoubtedly shared some of the same genetics.  However, almost one hundred years, ago the American Kennel Club recognized the Cairn Terrier as a breed in its own right.

Appearance wise, it is impossible not to recognize the Cairn as part of the Terrier clan, while certain comparisons can be made to the fox family, especially around its face and head.  The Cairn Terrier, despite being small and stocky, is very proportional, with a broad head, eyes and ears set wide apart atop a narrow snout. Its coat and tail are a shaggy combination, and the Cairn comes in a variety of colors ranging from red, black, sandy brown and gray. Interestingly enough as the Cairn Terrier ages, its coat may change color many times as it sheds.

As a family pet the Cairn Terrier is outstandingly loyal and in a permanently positive frame of mind, which is impossible to ignore. Insatiably loving and friendly, they get along with everybody and everything that crosses their path.

Training a Cairn Terrier can be a challenge as the dog will be constantly testing it owner during the process. Once the dog recognizes who is the boss, then the training should go a lot smoother, as the Cairn is inherently intelligent and eager to please.

What should never be forgotten is that the Cairn is a hunter by nature and if left alone in a yard for too long will be compelled to dig something up. Discipline will curtail this trait as well as lots of healthy exercise.

As the late Andy Warhol once said, “everyone should be famous for at least twenty minutes, and probably the most famous Cairn Terrier of all time was the one, who remains nameless, who played the part of “Toto” in the nineteen thirties classic film, “the Wizard of Oz.”

Cairn Terrier is a responsive and alert dog giving them the ability to excel in training and hunting. cairn terrier dogs can be stubborn and will test their owners to understand how the rules of the household work. For more information visit our website.
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Catfish Movie Review

I was always told if you do not have something positive to say about someone or something you should not say it at all. However, that rule does not apply to journalists, as we are paid to say things, no matter how positive or negative they may sound.

Since I cannot just talk about the positive and ignore the negative, I will talk about the positive first. The new Catfish movie, by filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost can brag about masterful marketing that will surely get people to the movie theaters.

The Catfish movie is promoted as a riveting thriller, which are usually the genre of films that perform well at the box office, especially among male moviegoers. However, the film is no thriller and will definitely not thrill audiences who pay their hard-earned dollars to the see the film. Nevertheless, it tackles a prevalent issue that has not been addressed enough in film, which is the danger of Internet dating.

It is shot documentary style and focuses on Schulman’s brother Nev who becomes fascinated with the art work of a young child named Abby and attracted to her older sister Megan through Facebook. The two talk online before their relationship expands to phone conversations and planned trips.

Like many who have dabbled in online dating, the Catfish movie is a cautionary tale that friends made on online social networks like Facebook and MySpace may not truly be who they portray themselves to be.

Nev and his buddies set out on a cross country to journey to meet the beautiful Megan, who he believes is the love of his life and uncovers a web of lies and deceit.

The Catfish movie boasts that it is not inspired or based on a true story, it is just the truth. But the truth is your money is better off being spent on a meal of catfish and grits at the Breakfast Klub in Houston than on this movie.

Schulman and Joost succeed theatrically when they delve into the mentality of those who create separate identities online. Some harmlessly do it so that they can appeal to the opposite sex, but for some the obsession becomes sinister when those charades start involving children and the lives of others.

In addition, the characters especially Nev, are hilarious, but not hilarious or interesting enough to carry an entire film for approximately two hours.

The filmmakers had the perfect subject matter to discuss a pertinent issue in our society through film, but chose an amateurish way to relay their story. Despite the failings of this movie, I am sure that some filmmaker will soon take this serious issue and produce a series piece of filmmaking that is both entertaining and enlightening, but the Catfish movie is simply not the piece audiences are looking for.

Regardless of the outcome of this film, the filmmakers and the production company get an “A” for superb marketing and promotion, but an “F” for substance.

The film opens in Houston on Friday, Sept 24.

Todd A. Smith is publisher for ; Regal Black Mens Magazine The publication focuses on ; African American Community News Politics Sports Health The magazine features a ; Local Online Classifieds & Job Classified Black Business Directory Visit to read about ; Catfish movie

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