Most Famous Cairn Terrier Dog Breed

One of the most veteran breeds to come out of the British Isles is the Cairn Terrier; Cairn Terriers can be traced back as far as the sixteenth century, where according to reports they were first bred. The spiritual home of the Cairn Terrier is in the far flung Island of Skye not far off the North West Coast of Scotland. This strong and hardy form of Terrier was bred by local farmers to chase natural pests, especially badgers and wild foxes that were threatening to overrun this beautiful but rugged region of Scotland. The dog’s role was to enter the dens where these wild animals would live and … [Read more...]

Catfish Movie Review

I was always told if you do not have something positive to say about someone or something you should not say it at all. However, that rule does not apply to journalists, as we are paid to say things, no matter how positive or negative they may sound. Since I cannot just talk about the positive and ignore the negative, I will talk about the positive first. The new Catfish movie, by filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost can brag about masterful marketing that will surely get people to the movie theaters. The Catfish movie is promoted as a riveting thriller, which are usually the genre of … [Read more...]

Snow Dogs Reviews

Snow Dogs SNOW DOGS MOVIE Make no bones about it -- Disney's SNOW DOGS is a hilarious, action-packed comedy your whole family will love. Eight adorable but mischievous dogs get the best of dog hater Ted Brooks (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) when he leaves his successful Miami Beach dental practice for the wilds of Alaska to claim his inheritance -- seven Siberian huskies and a border collie -- and discover his roots. As Ted's life goes to the dogs, he rises to the occasion and vows to learn to mush with his inheritance. Totally out List Price: $ 14.99 Price: Marley: A Dog Like No … [Read more...]

Latest Famous Dogs News

A Korean-American Home for a Former Korean Meat Dog “I'd always told my husband about Korea's famous Jindo dogs. So he said 'why don't we adopt one?'” she says. The transfer of the dogs from the farm was organized by Human Society International as part of a deal with a local farmer to exit the dog meat ... Read more on Wall Street Journal (blog) City Room Many Songs, No 'Snooze' A mockingbird can also mean trouble for local cats and dogs — the bird is about as famous for dive-bombing intruders as anything having to do with its voice. I have seen … [Read more...]