Charlie Sheen

Lil B – “Charlie Sheen” (Music Video) – @LILBTHEBASEDGOD new song available on iTunes – http

Actor and television star Charlie Sheen will appear on The Alex Jones Show today for an exclusive live interview in which Sheen will set the record straight on the myriad of exaggerations, misinformation and outright falsehoods about his life that have been whipped up by the establishment media in recent weeks.
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  • @Macboi01 I do like this shit, so yes that is why I looked it up. I was merely commenting on the whorishness of women.

  • How much they paid thay nasty ass white bitch to be in this video? A trailer park cleaner and deodorizer?

  • @nanabigbosss lol pleasee explain which hip hop artist he is making fun of?? all this nigga does is yell little catchy phrases and people love them. He makes this music cuz he knows suckers like u will buy any new voice that has that soulja boy or waka flacka sound, pretty much lots of noise no story or meaning behind his lyrics. Im not trying to hate cuz im pretty sure he might have a mental disorder so im glad he found a way to make some money for himself

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  • @MrConcrete55 Oh wow. A grown ass man bragging about another man hitting his girl. Oh no, that is not a bitch move at all… Guess if Lil B was saying “Come suck my dick because I look like Opra’s pussy” you be the first in line huh?

  • I feel bad for demonizing this guy. If my career was stolen because I exercised my first amendment right, I’d go batshit crazy too.

  • the CBS illuminati “eye” symbol behind charlie. dang thats about right. he better look over his shoulder ’cause thtey’re right behind him. hopehe makes it, turns to God too

  • @Born2Flesh Power-mongers fear what they cannot understand. They cannot understand anything that smacks of ‘human,’ so one with the power to release such things into the media to infect others with it (encouraging THEM to release such things into the media and infect still others, and so on), then one is ‘sancted’ (made impossibly better than everyone else, in a bad way). i.e. he is annexed and people are sick of him; that’s why people hate me, anyway.

  • @Born2Flesh Have to say, that’s what I thought when he started getting dragged through the muck in the media…

    I dont even think this is the real Charlie Sheen… I think they got rid of the real one, planted a clone with a mission to act insane, to ruin his reputation.

  • @srazella…I know it’s really a sad thing to see. Right now Greece needs citizen Leonidas’s to take back your country from the criminal’s in power.

  • I agree with the whole 9-11 thing..but who doesnt now? Charlie Sheen is a sad person though. He has to reassure himself so often that he’s a WINNER because he knows he feels like a loser. He talks a lot about people judging him and the media so he obviously cares about what they think even though he claims he doesnt.

  • You hear that Greece is rioting because they have to pay their bills. Goldmann and Sachs put the finance minister and openly and publicly had them sign fraudulent derivatives. They put their criminals in, loot the country, and take our tax money to give to private banks, and say the Greeks have to pay them back! They’ve done all the calculations, that they’ll never get out of this, its designed to bankrupt them. We will soon see the privatization of Greeks resources. Greece invented democracy.

  • There can be benefits to being or acting crazy, I guess. It must be fun to have Charlie’s money and fame.

  • On a different note, you’ve got to see Alex’s video called, Government Admits They Deal Heroin, Terrorize Families for Pot.

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