Introducing Charlie Sheen Bath Salts!

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Published on: May 5, 2011


More accurately, Charley Sheene Bath Powder.

We didn’t know this, but apparently the new trendy drug to shove up your nose is your mom’s bath salts she buys to add a sweet lavender scent to her one relaxing moment a week. Someone figured out that bath salts are actually synthetic, hallucinogenic stimulants if consumed (which is why it says “not for human consumption” on the package) and now, everyone’s getting high by snorting the stuff.

Cue the marketing ploy!

The latest strand of salts being peddled around the web is Charley Sheene. You’ll recall that Charlie Sheen, the actor, once claimed he was on the drug called “Charlie Sheen.” Now, for $ 44.99 per half gram, you can be on the knock-off brand, but still act just as uncontrollably crazy.

Yeah, snorting bath salts really isn’t a joke. Side effects include paranoia, delusions and violent behavior. According to one report, this guy in West Virginia went on a three day bathy bits bender and ended up stabbing his neighbor’s goat to death, while wearing women’s lingerie.

If that sounds like a good time to you…we’re thinking its time for rehab, STAT!

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