Kelly Osbourne Suffers Black Eye In Second Plane Mishap!

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Published on: July 7, 2012

Poor Kelz!

Just a week after her tipsy plane meltdown, Kelly Osbourne has suffered another plane misfortune. But this time, it wasn’t her fault!

According to Miz O, the RUDE passenger in front of her adjusted her seat so far back, it gave Kelly a black eye! Ugh…

Initially, Kelly was just pissed, tweeting:

Shut the fuzz up! She really laughed at Kelly?? How trifling!

Later, Kelly’s frustration turned to Delta:

Well at least the flight attendant wasn’t hating life that day!

After Kelly made the brave decision to detail her previous plane plight, we’d hope she could at least fly in peace afterward… but apparently not!

Maybe she should fly Virgin America next time! Ha!

[Image via Lockerz.]


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