Lindsay Lohan Sees Old Flame Vikram Chatwal BEFORE Clubbing With Sam!!!

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Published on: May 3, 2012

Gurl doesn’t waste any time!!

Before Lindsay Lohan buckles down and channels Elizabeth Taylor on June 4, she’s been making up for time lost with TWO of her old flames!!

Not one, TWO! Count ‘em!

As we were THRILLED to tell you earlier, LiLo was seen hittin’ da club Wednesday night with Samantha Ronson… and leaving hand in hand no less! Ooh la la!!

But get this!! Just earlier that day, she was spotted exiting Vikram Chatwal‘s hotel WITH VIK (pictured above) before going on a shopping spree!! With whose money??

Last year, the two were heavily rumored to be gettin’ it on when his wife (reportedly) endured a strong confrontation from Linds!! Of course, their reps denied any romance, but… ahem.

Anyways!! We just hope nobody’s being led on here… breaking hearts for publicity is SO 2008!

[Image via FameFlynetpictures.]


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