Maroon Five’s Moves Like Jagger Was A Mistake!

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Published on: May 8, 2012

Aaaaand rightly so. The song is pretty meh!

Adam Levine recently opened up about allowing outside writers into the studio for Moves Like Jagger, and initially, the band was NOT happy about the intrusion!

The Voice host reveals:

“Sometimes a co-writer will write something that’s almost better than what you would do, and it’s like, ‘Shit!’…‘Jagger’ was almost a mistake, I was scared to release it – but also turned on by that fear. It was the fresh injection we needed. We’ve been together a long time – it’s like a marriage, where we needed to get kinky in the bedroom.”

Wellll… go with it if you guys think it’ll work for you!

We were’t heavily impressed, but that means nothing as it was one of your biggest hits!

AND it seems Maroon Five is all about the Jagger writers Benny Blanco and Shellback, as the scribe duo are coming back for the band’s forthcoming album Overexposed which debuts June 26th…

Expect some uber-poppy beats!


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