Dog Isn’t Only Man’s Best Friend (This Dog Is More Than Man’s Best Friend)

This is such an endearing story about a blind dog with a debilitating seizure but gets a second chance after its’ original owner passed away. This is a story of what true friendship and unconditional love are all about. If I can only adopt these dogs, I would, but what my job entails prevent me from owning a pet. So I’m making a plea: please watch this video and share it with anyone that you think is capable of adopting these dogs so that they can continue their union growing strong because it’s just heartbreaking to fathom that they don’t deserved a home and to be loved as well. And I thank ABC News for taking the time to feature these lovable pooches………
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode: Seatown: Wave 30-31 Twitter: Facebook: Click here to watch the early MW3 Survival Mode footage!

11 thoughts on “Dog Isn’t Only Man’s Best Friend (This Dog Is More Than Man’s Best Friend)

  1. Evidence that supports my theory that either no one has souls or that all organisms have souls. (I favor the former)

  2. i dont doubt it if you say so,well then you should know that you cant protect a stationary spot with waves above ~28, from then on you need to move around so the turret is not that useful, thats what i was saying.

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