TheTracyVlogs – Vlogidays Day 29: Mohawk, the Trick Dog!

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  • he’ll feel lots better after the removal but make sure to stay away from greasy foods. yucky yucky. make sure to do it soon. Im getting mine out soon as well. not looking forward to it but its necessary. also, after the surgery, pressure can sometimes help the pain. drink and eat healthy for awhile, like no grease.

  • Haha in the end where bucky and Mohawk are laying together you can see buckys eyes getting heavier..hims sleepy..

  • HIDA Scans aren’t that bad. They basically do it super early in the morning, so they just tell you to go back to sleep. But you can’t kinda feel the stuff going into your arm, it’s like a cool, icy, warm feeling, if that makes sense. But it’s not bad at all.

  • i only had one gall bladder attack and they removed because it was enlarged and covered in scar tissue. i only had 2 very small gall stones. there are times i still have pain in the area. but i do feel better.

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