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A Good Laugh Helps Get through the Holiday Season

Last night, well, I was feeling kinda down; the holiday season always does that to me.  I had a nice Thanksgiving with family; it was fun, don’t get my wrong.  But if you’re like me, you find yourself at one point or another, wondering what you’re doing with your life.  Right?  End of year is always about new beginnings.  I was a bit down on myself.  So, I decided to get in some laughs and watch other comedians, rather than just myself.

I went to The Improv on Melrose.

The Improv is beyond a doubt the most incredible comedy venue, with a very rich history.  You name ’em, they either played there or started there.  So I see this comedian.  Forget his name.  But he did a very funny routine on smoking. He separated society into smokers vs non-smokers.  I can’t even remember the details, but it was hilarious and it put me in a better mood.

The V-Cut Cigar Lounge

On the way to my car, I passed by this store, a “cigar lounge”, just two doors down from The Improv comedy club.  I walked in and inquired about a cigar.  I gotta tell ya’; one of my peccadillos  is bad service; unfriendly service.  The V-Cut was anything but.  And it wasn’t stuffy Beverly Hills snob type service.  It was basicly friendly.  I sat, I smoked a lovely cigar, met some interesting Hollywood characters, and definitely am gonna come back.

Hometown L.A.

You see, this is what I like to see in my home town of Los Angeles.  A proper neighborhood within a big city.  It’s good to go where everyone knows your name and it brings joy to my otherwise damaged heart to know there are good people out there running businesses, not just money-hungry, forget you as soon as you leave type places.

As I walked out, I realized I forgot my phone.

I went back to the Improv bar and Eddie the bartender handed it to me.  There was a very lovely young lady sitting at the bar.  She smiled at me, perhaps impressed with the respect Eddie showed me when he handed me the phone.  I can’t tell you much more than that at this point, but suffice to say I had a full evening of laughs and good smoking, good conversation and, well, a nice time after that.  We’ll just leave it at that, because, after all, I am a gentlemen.

This is Steven Alan Green, your Hollywood Dog, reporting to you today from West Hollywood.

The V-Cut Cigar Lounge on Melrose in West Hollywood.




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