Yet another indicator that the Cain train might stop chugging.

Yesterday, Herman Cain said that it was time to “reassess things” during a conference call, even though he had just told Wolf Blitzer that he’d still be running for President despite the newest affair claim.

Now, Cain has cancelled a private dinner with high profile TV personalities including Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer, and Bill O’Reilly. Yeah, he’s definitely on his way out.

According to news station NY1, Cain WAS going to have New York Post’s Cindy Adams host the dinner at her Park Avenue apartment, but then Cain’s lawyer friend/adviser John Coale reportedly called her and asked her “to cancel the dinner in case he decides to end his campaign.”

Probably a smart move. Cain needs to focus his energy on reassessing his campaign. It’s always good to reassess when U get called out for having a 13-year extra-marital affair during a presidential campaign.

What do U think? Is Herman Cain’s dinner cancellation a sign that he’s almost done reassessing???

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