Question by : What was the exact dialogue exchange between Charlie Sheen and Ferris Bueller’s Sister?
I am working on a parody of the scene in the movie Ferris Bueller’s day off where Charlie Sheen is in the police station with Ferris’ sister. He asks her what she’s there for and then eventually she asks him, and he says “drugs”. I can’t find the dialogue anywhere on the internet and need the exact exchange. If you don’t know the entire exchange, can you maybe give me a link to where I can find the quotes? THX!

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Answer by Lorellyn

Thank you, no I’m straight

I meant, are you in here for drugs?

- Why are you here?
- Drugs

- I don’t know why I’m here
- Why don’t you go home?

Why don’t you
put your thumb up your butt?

You wear too much eye make-up

My sister wears too much
People think she’s a whore

- You don’t want to talk about it?
- With you? Are you serious?

- I’m serious
- Blow yourself

All right,
you want to know what’s wrong?

I know what’s wrong
I just want to hear you say it

In a nutshell, I hate my brother
How’s that?

That’s cool Did you
blow him away or something?

No, not yet

He was ditching school When I went
home to check, some guy was there

The cops picked me up
for making a phoney call

What do you care
if your brother ditches school?

- Everybody else has to go
- You could ditch

- I’d get caught
- Yes

You’re pissed off because he ditches
and doesn’t get caught, is that it?

- Basically
- Basically

- Your problem is you
- Excuse me?

Worry about yourself,
not about what your brother does

- That’s just an opinion
- What are you, a psychiatrist?

Keep your opinions to yourself

There’s somebody you should talk to

If you say Ferris Bueller,
you lose a testicle

Oh, you know him

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Answer by iBAMF
[Insert tiger's blood joke here]

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Red Dawn – Released 1984
Directed By: John Milius
Written By: Kevin Reynolds and John Milius (Screenplay, story by Kevin Reynolds)
Music By: Basil Poledouris
Starring: Patrick Swazye (R.I.P.), C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, Harry Dean Stanton, Harry Dean Stanton, Powers Boothe, Lane Smith, et al…

(This was the first film to be released with a PG-13 rating (Flamingo Kid was rated first, but was shelved for 5 months.) by the MPAA.)

The classic story of an armed invasion of the United States, and the young men and women who fought behind enemy lines to defend their country.

The film is being remade, and is slated for release sometime this year.

Oh, yeah… I finally shaved after two days. Still have the electric razor burns on the lower neck. ‘Lectric Shave kind of failed me.

Once I secure continued employment, I’m seriously considering setting aside a few hundred bucks for laser hair removal. I’m through with shaving, I never liked having facial hair to begin with.


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