But what about the smell of books and the weight of hardcovers??

Until they make an iPad cover that SMELLS like books, it will never be the same! LOLz!

It’s a sad day, but we have to report that American publishers are now bringing in more revenue from ebooks than hardcover books. For the first time ever, net sales revenue from ebooks exceeded hardcover books in the first quarter of the year.

The data was compiled from 1,189 publishers and doesn’t even include children’s books!

Adult ebooks brought in $ 282.3 million, with a 28.4% increase from the same period a year ago, while young adult ebooks performed even better, catapulting 233% to $ 64.3 million.

But all is NOT lost, because adult hardcover books ALSO grew!! They were up 2.7% to $ 229.6 million in Q1 2012.

So why is this happening?

You know why, don’t act like you don’t know why.

Playing dumb isn’t sexy! Ha!

Paperback sales are still in the lead, though, so no real worries — for now!

[Image via AP Images.]


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Stephen King‘s IT is being adapted into ANOTHER movie and we’re already having nightmares!

If you’ve never read or seen the 1990 ABC miniseries, the terrifying story follows a group of children who must fight an evil creature that eats kids and loves to lure them into the sewers in the form of a clown.

Yes, it’s literally the worst thing ever in the best way possible.

Tim Curry played the creepy clown named Pennywise (above), but now another actor has his chance to take on the role and haunt the dreams of viewers everywhere.

So far, only Jane Eyre director Cary Fukunaga is attached with Seth Grahame-Smith (the guy who likes to add vampires or zombies to classic literature) producing, so this could be a seriously scary and dramatic flick!

The book is so thick that the studio is making not one, but TWO movies out of the classic horror story.

We’re betting the first will take place during the past when It first surfaces, while the second will take place in the present when the characters are all adults and must reunite to face the creature again.


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If you’ve been a fan of the Judd Apatow comedy crew that has been making us LOL at the movies since The 40-Year-Old Virgin came out, then you are going to LOVE this news!

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (the guys behind Superbad) are directing their first feature called The Apocalypse and it stars some of the funniest people on the planet — as THEMSELVES!

Seth will face the end of the world with Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, and Craig Robinson, which strikes while they are all partying at James Franco‘s house.

Is there a better premise for a comedy?

Let’s just hope there are some fun cameos from their other pals like Jason Segel, Michael Cera, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Martin Starr, and McLovin!

The project first came about in the form of a fake trailer for Seth and Jay Vs. The Apocalypse, which featured the titular actors hiding out in an apartment after the biblical end of days. Seth has teased that this movie is being produced since the short hit the web in 2007 and we’re SO EXCITED that it’s finally going to happen!

Wanna see what U are in for? Ch-ch-check out the HIGHlarious inspiration below!

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It was the moment we had known was coming for MONTHS!

But who knew it would also have such a metaphorical relationship to the emotional story-line of season?!

Remember that crazy report back last summer that Bethenny Frankel, her husband, and her marriage counselor got lost at sea together trying to sail from Block Island to Nantucket?

Well, of course the footage of the incident was obviously captured by Bravo’s cameramen, and this season on Bethenny Ever After, we get to see exactly what was going on that fateful day!

Yeah. This was totally an unexpected, unforeseeable accident, that just randomly associated perfectly with the emotional journey between she and her husband.

What are the odds, huh?!

Either way, its a pretty HIGHlarious three-hour plus tour – Bethenny is just perfectly, unapologetically her throughout it all, and you can’t deny that it’s reality television GOLD!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!


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