What’s new Pussycat? You wouldn’t believe us if we told you!!

Nicole Scherzinger is having a downright craptastic week.

When Simon Cowell booked the X Factor judge on a transatlantic flight in coach, the lovely Doll was forced to fork over her own savings to make the flight bearable.

An inside source revealed:

“Nicole was fuming… She always flies first-class but she was amazed to find that she had been booked into economy. The X Factor books all of her flights — but she hadn’t expected this. Nicole spent 20 minutes trying to get BA to upgrade her but in the end she had to put her hand in her pocket.”


Apparently darling Nikki spent around FIVE GRAND for the upgrade!!

Needless to say, she was not a happy kitty.

The source continued:

“There were a few mutterings about Simon Cowell being a tightwad.”

We bet there were!

Couple that with all the drama between her and Lewis Hamilton this week, after the soccer star was caught gallivanting around the British clubs with plethoras of models, and we’re sure Nicole was grateful to have a comfortable spot on the plane for her 10+ hour flight!

We don’t want to be there when this feral feline runs into Simon and extends those claws!!

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Uh oh!

Sounds like somebody’s messing with Missy Elliott and we’re glad it’s not us!

Reportedly, Missy is suing a Florida car dealership, Fox Valley Motor Cars, for not following through on a sale agreement!

The rapstress claims she made an agreement last year to purchase a 2012 Matte White Lambo Aventador for a whopping $ 376,000.

The agreement read that Missy was to make a down payment of $ 30,000 in cash, as well as trade in her $ 85,000 Bentley in return for the Lambo.

Well, it looks like Missy stuck to her end of the deal, but the dealership FAILED to ship her the car by mid 2012, as they promised and agreed to!

Now that we’re over the mid-year mark, Elliott took it upon herself to ask Fox Valley what was up and they are now demanding MORE money for the whip, because the market value had risen!!

Missy’s suing the company for the possession of her car, which was rightfully hers, and breach of contract.

We hope things get sorted soon and that Missy gets her Lambo!

We’d be suing, too, if we dropped that much on a car and it was being held hostage!!

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Waves of excited girls (and guys) squealed watching Steven Soderbergh‘s masterpiece Friday night.

The stripperific Magic Mike earned an over-whelming $ 19.4M opening night, far exceeding expectations.

The film is estimated to reach $ 40M this weekend… that’s a lot of sweaty $ 1 bills!

But even with all the cheeks and shadow dick, it still didn’t win #1.

Sitting in the throne is Seth MacFarlane‘s Ted, with $ 20M. Teddy Ruxpin must be so pissed!


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When Dutch artist Bart Jansen’s beloved cat Orville passed away, he really wanted to show the world how much he cared about the feline…so he had it stuffed and mounted to a remote-controlled flying helicopter, of course!

Staring into this poor kitty’s lifelike — and yet lifeless — eyes, I had to wonder if his owner had secretly planned to do the deed to him eventually. He was named after famous aviator Orville Wright, after all.

No matter what came first, the cat or the helicopter, the “Orvillecopter” is making a big splash at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam, where people can view the transhumanist transfeline creature fly around, looking quite stunned at the whole thing.

Check out the whole spectacle for yourself:

Via Daily Mail

Daily 23

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