This is unraveling faster than a hyper kid’s roll of wrapping paper!

Amidst the CRAZY breaking news of Kristen Stewart‘s affair with her married Snow White director, UsWeekly has unleashed the saucy details behind their cheating scandal!!!

According to the source, the two were “kissing like crazy” immediately on the day they were!

You see… K-Stew was heading home from the gym that day when she received a call, prompting her to turn around and head to the west side.

When she finally arrived at her destination, the photographer wondered why she’d be so antsy to reach an abandoned building with “FOR LEASE” signs everywhere.

But soon enough, the photog’s answer came when Rupert Sanders arrived. Before they knew it, Kristen was pushed up against the inside window while Rupert “kissed her entire body!”


The source continues explaining their dirty romap, saying:

“They’d only take a break whenever someone walked by. It seemed like they couldn’t get enough of each other. She was swept up in the moment.”

Eventually, Rupert seemed a little nervous so the two finally left.


Five days later, Kristen went to the Teen Choice Awards with Robert Pattinson… awww… poor R-Patz! Friends had apparently been warning him too. He “thought she was the one.”

And poor Liberty Ross!!! And their kids!!!

These two just opened a whole Pandora’s Box of hurt!

[Images courtesy of UsWeekly.]


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Girrrrl be jet setting all over, no wonder she’s in sore need of a gynormous SNOOZE!

Kristen Stewart was spotted Saturday arriving at LAX airport looking VERY droopy-eyed, while she prepared to board a flight towards Sydney, AU.

But, we’re SURE K-Stew is flying super exclusive first class which probably has tempurpedic chair-beds and TONS of premium booze to help send her off to the land of nod…

Catch them z’s! You best be lookin’ super-fresh for Mr. Robert Pattinson!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]


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But who will take all their parts??

Kristen Wiig And Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis “might” be leaving SNL after this season, and Fred Armisen this totally fine with that!

The racially ambiguous impressionist says if Wiig and co. think leaving the sketch show will make them happy, they should go for it because he’ll be the biggest star he only cares about their happiness.

Over the weekend Fred addressed rumors of the SNL departures, saying:

“I would feel sad — I love them, they’re my family. I’ve known them a long time. But I would say it’s time. I’d be happy for them because they’re doing what they want to do.”

Referring to his pals Wiig and Samberg, he said:

“They’re both smart and intuitive and talented, so we’ll always, always be together.”

Sure, they won’t forget you… totally…

JK! Fred is a srsly sweet and talented man… howeves, we’re sure he realizes that his pals leaving will mean more parts for him.

Get you’re wigs ready Freddy, you’ll be playing Biden, Pelosi AND Obama!

[Image via WENN.]


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Ummm…yes please!!!

K Bells was adorable as ever on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday when the two chatted about House of Lies and Hunger Games.

Apparently, the Veronica Mars alum is SO obsessed with the trilogy, she had a HG-themed birthday party where she dressed as heroine Katniss.

AND, when beau Dax Shepard was suffering insomnia, a concerned Kristen read all 3 books OUT LOUD to soothe him into a slumber…and it totally worked!

Kristen admits near the end of the interview that she would love to be part of the movie trilogy, but the only character she could play, age-wise, is the serious champion Johanna Mason.

Do it to it girl!! We would LOVE to see you fighting against the capitol!!

Ch-ch-check out the simply effervescent Kristen gush over Hunger Games (above).

Do U think she could portray Johanna???


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