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Latest Famous Dogs News

Dogs in Advertising
Beer is far from the only industry to call on dogs to promote their products. Perhaps the most famous dog in recent advertising history is the Chihuahua who appeared in so many Taco Bell ads. Though both these famous dogs were represented as male dogs …
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Labrador retriever breed of dog most likely to run away from home
Labrador retrievers were made famous by the Andrex TV adverts. The average dog owner has had the panic of losing man's best friend three times already – and six in ten know other owners who have lost their pet, the study found. However, one in five do …

'Puppy dog eyes' explained by science
For instance, while chimpanzees might be our closest genetic relative, it is only dogs who understand the concept of pointing – they will follow the direction of the point with their gaze rather than simply stare at the outstretched finger. And while …
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Latest Hollywood News

Man Tries to Break Into North Hollywood Home Using Porch Bench As Battering
A man who was shouting that someone was trying to kill him was captured on a surveillance camera early Wednesday trying to break into a North Hollywood home using a porch bench as a battering ram. A man allegedly claiming someone was trying to kill …
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Leaked Email Reveals How Hollywood Opposed 'Fair Use' Protections In
WASHINGTON — Hollywood pushed the Obama administration last year not to incorporate "fair use" protections in a massive international trade deal under consideration, according to an internal email obtained through the hack of Sony Pictures …
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Box Office Milestone: 'Furious 7' Crosses Billion
It's a new record for the fastest climb to the major milestone. (The Avengers, Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 crossed $ 1 billion in 19 days.) Plus, the film is the first Universal project to make it to the $ 1 billion mark in …
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