Pop music is getting sadder, slower, and more sophisticated, according to a new study published in a psychology journal. Researchers analyzed Top 40 hits in Billboard from the mid-60′s through 2010 and discovered that popular tunes have increasingly been written in “minor modes”—which associate with darker emotions, reports Pacific…
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I can almost definitely assure you that this is the first ‘track of the week’ that can fall in the dreaded genre of country music. GASP. I know, I’m just as surprised as you are, but I would like to thank dear Wes Anderson for this Nerdist breakthrough. My newfound obsession, that’s right, OBSESSION with his new film, Moonrise Kingdom, has inspired my new love for Hank Williams and his song Kaw-Liga.

Though country today has been tainted with the likes of Taylor Swift and other poppy kid-sations, I will never grow old of some good ‘ol fashioned bluegrass. Beginning with heavy drums and his raspy man vocals, the song tells a story about a lonely wooden Indian who had his heart set on an Indian maiden who never knew about the toy Indian’s love. He still wishes he was a pine tree. It’s a very sad notion, but one that fits in perfectly with a theme of the movie. I will not reveal any spoilers, but this song captured my heart while watching Bill Murray fight with Bruce Willis.

This is just one of the many lovely pieces of music in the film. I have discovered a Spotify playlist with a few compiled, so I urge you all to listen!


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If you’re completely unaware of this, Nikki Reed likes making beautiful music with husband Paul McDonald when she’s not just being beautiful in Twilight.

And boy does she do it well!!

She and Paul recently performed this intimate version of All I’m Asking at Vegas’ fancy Cosmopolitan. And it is exquisite!

PresSsSsSs PlaaaaYyY to see ‘em swoon together.

He’s soOoOo in love with her. Just watch it and you’ll see the lovebeams shooting from his eyes every time he looks at her (which is 95% of the video). Presh.


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It’s hard NOT to be blown away by this gurl!

We’re positive everyone watching the Billboard Music Awards totally was too! Watch Carrie Underwood demonstrate that she’s much more than a pretty face during her performance of Blown Away (above)!

With the exception of a lot of fans, she didn’t need any fancy gimmicks to impress us either. Give this woman a microphone and she knows exactly what to do with it!

Nicely done, Carrie!


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