The Hollywood Rockin’ Wrap Up 5_15_15

Johnny Depp, FX Network, Suge Knight, and Ed Asner in today’s episode of The Hollywood Rockin’ Wrap Up!

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Tori Spelling, Kris Jenner, BB King, and The CW in today’s episode of The Hollywood Rockin’ Wrap Up! Like us on Facebook/RockinWrapUp and follow us on Twitter: @rockinwrapup

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Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Nets 0M For HBO/Showtime; Hollywood Comes
Meanwhile, it should come as no shock that Hollywood was out in force. That the national anthem was sung by Jamie Foxx is almost a footnote in the sea of celebrities in attendance. Manny Pacquiao came out to the ring flanked by Jimmy Kimmel, dressed as …
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Zooey Deschanel Selling Hollywood Home to Make Room for Baby: See Inside
New Girl, new house! Zooey Deschanel is entering the final months of her pregnancy, and the New Girl leading lady is prepping for baby by selling her three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom Hollywood Hills home. Asking $ 2.195 million for the property, …
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Kanye West's New Album Title — A Tribute To Kim Kardashian?
Get ready, world! Kanye is a man in love, and it seems his upcoming album will be a tribute to Kim. As Yeezy prepares to drop his seventh studio album, formerly titled 'So Help Me God,' the rapper revealed a huge title change on May 3. Find out what it …
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A Korean-American Home for a Former Korean Meat Dog
“I'd always told my husband about Korea's famous Jindo dogs. So he said 'why don't we adopt one?'” she says. The transfer of the dogs from the farm was organized by Human Society International as part of a deal with a local farmer to exit the dog meat …
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City Room Many Songs, No 'Snooze'
A mockingbird can also mean trouble for local cats and dogs — the bird is about as famous for dive-bombing intruders as anything having to do with its voice. I have seen mockingbirds drive cats away from untended outdoor food bowls. I have also seen …
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Hollywood is the place of actors and actress who always bring some latest news whether it is new film releases or breakups. Thus, it is the place of multiple gossips and movie reviews for the people. Most of the entertainment news that appeals people comes from the Hollywood fraternity. Thus, Hollywood news covers each aspect of the actor and actress activity including movie reviews. It comes under the entertainment news banner that provides inside news of the favorite actors and actress of the people. When it comes to cover the entertainment news of India news, it would be the Bollywood, place of the actor and actress.


Hollywood news is really the most familiar news section among the people as it grabs the attention of the people instantly. People love watching the gossips of the film industry such as which actor engaged with which actress and what happens in the films etc. People spend their maximum time on the news listening to the news regarding their favorite Hollywood stars and Bollywood stars including their films. However, in some cases entertainment news provide some vital news such as movie review which is really important for people to get idea of new release films.


Having latest information about the new release films people can decide to watch that particular movie or not. Moreover, some of the media personnel exhibits the inside story of actor and actress such as what they like and dislike in their personal life and multiple other aspects of their personal life. The media personnel whether from print media or electronic media must cover news that amuse and entertain people properly. India news cover Bollywood including the interviews of the actor and actress including the film making. Moreover, they provide some unseen shots of the movies to the people.


Overall, India news is especially for covering the Bollywood and Hollywood news cover the Hollywood news. However, both news media deliver some international entertainment news that includes both streams. The most vital part of the entertainment news from the people perspectives is movie reviews as it provide brief idea of the newly released film to the people. Therefore, people always keep updating themselves with the latest entertainment news whether it is Hollywood news or Bollywood news.  There are multiple news channels available that provide entertainment news especially to the people whether it is print media or broadcasting media, both have special coroner for entertainment news.




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John DiResta

Dogs in Advertising
Beer is far from the only industry to call on dogs to promote their products. Perhaps the most famous dog in recent advertising history is the Chihuahua who appeared in so many Taco Bell ads. Though both these famous dogs were represented as male dogs …
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Labrador retriever breed of dog most likely to run away from home
Labrador retrievers were made famous by the Andrex TV adverts. The average dog owner has had the panic of losing man's best friend three times already – and six in ten know other owners who have lost their pet, the study found. However, one in five do …

'Puppy dog eyes' explained by science
For instance, while chimpanzees might be our closest genetic relative, it is only dogs who understand the concept of pointing – they will follow the direction of the point with their gaze rather than simply stare at the outstretched finger. And while …
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