First segment of the short lived TV version of Ferris Bueller co-starring Jennifer Aniston (before she was on Friends.) This episode aired in 1990 on NBC.
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The war tales of Timothy Michael Poe, a contestant on America’s Got Talent , sounded a little fishy when the military couldn’t back them up . This certainly won’t help his cause: The photo he submitted to the show, supposedly of himself in military gear, turns out to be of another soldier….
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Combine a Dutch Nobelist, the co-creator of Big Brother , and a Mars-obsessed company, and what do you get? A reality show that follows the creation of the first human colony on Mars, of course. Mars One , as the company is called, plans to send four people to the planet by…
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The YouTube video everyone eight extremely bored people have been waiting for, Sh*t Girls Say About the Show “Girls!”

You know when you stand between two mirrors and your reflection gets reflected and in that reflection is a smaller reflec…

Yeah, this is THAT parody.

HBO’s Girls is basically already Lena Dunham’s poorly received TV adaptation of the shark-jumping phenomenon, Shit Girls Say.

So “girls” making a sketch about the white-washed Girls is enough to make your brain bleed.

Will U tune in next week on Girls to watch whether David Mamet and Brian Williams’ daughters make an obligatory reference to the “sh*t girls say” about them?


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