**** OUT NOW ON I-TUNES **** itunes.apple.com Gina Star is a DJ & producer originally from Dallas, Texas. After moving to LA in 2006 to further her career, she was hailed by the LA Times and E! Entertainment as one of the most talented and sought after DJs in the city, and was welcomed into some of LAs most exclusive VIP celebrity endorsed nightclubs playing her own special style of big room uplifting house. With a distinctive and uncompromising ear for good music, she accepted the position of Director of A&R at Thrive Records, home to some of the biggest DJs in the world including Oakenfold, Digweed and Deep Dish. Gina Star then released her debut single on Grammy nominated producer Dave Audes label, Audacious, which received rave reviews. Moving across the pond to the UK in 2009 to further her DJ & production career, Gina Star has propelled herself into the limelight working with Toolroom Records and gaining support on her productions, most notably Pete Tong spinning her recent Cirez D & Sunscreem mashup to the masses on his Radio 1 show. The start of 2010 sees Gina Star release This Is Hollywood on Toolrooms Leaders Of The New School imprint featuring the instantly recognizable vocal talent of Roland Clark. The track has a driving groove, building layers of sound with Roland preaching Welcome To Hollywood, whats your dream. The track incorporates a massive uplifting synth line which comes through for those hands in the air moments taking you to a brilliantly executed
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louie Season 2 Episode 6 -Subway/Pamela

Pictured above are the reasons that Louis CK is respected, admired, and studied beyond the art form of comedy. In fact, he’s studied and dissected beyond art in general and undoubtedly destined to be a person on some random timeline of innovators of the arts that signified a elemental shift in how art — that’s how all art — is created and then put on display. He hasn’t reached the “Miles Davis changed Jazz five times” point, but he’s on the path there.

Objectively, this is a behind the scenes set photo of Louis CK shooting a scene from Season 2 of his critically acclaimed TV series Louie. Yet, in its subtext, this picture signifies much more.

First, the show Louie is such a pure expression of CK’s comedic psyche that he puts himself in as many aspects of production as physically possible. That’s why he has positioned and maintained himself as the series’ star, producer, writer, creator, editor, and, believe it or not, more. You can see him above looking through the lens of the camera for the next shot. Rare is it that a director, especially on a TV series, would bother to look at the picture through the camera, much less hold it. He’s that hands on. He’s that willing to get his hands dirty, which must be part in parcel of why Louie looks as good as it is emotionally affecting. He knows how to and often does every job on his set, so he knows how to inject his vision into every aspect of the show.

Second, but, more important (or nerdy, if you prefer), CK is holding a 16mm film camera despite the series being shot almost exclusively on a RED camera. The notion that he would shoot something on 16mm instead of easily attempting to recreate a film grain effect in post production is, to some, ludicrous, but, to others like myself, inspiring.

In many film schools, it’s no longer mandatory that you have to learn the actual process of shooting on film. You are now handed a digital camera and shoot and delete away. Without having to process digital footage like its ancient brother, film, the impulse to just shoot anything, knowing all too well that you’re not wasting money on film stock, is much greater. That being said, shooting digitally has brought about great shifts in the landscape film industry actually making a high quality product cheaper to make. Film vs. digital is a debate that’s unfortunately almost over.

Yet, Louis CK holding an Arriflex 16 S is a symbol. It’s artistic innovation with regard to only purity. That camera is more than 50 years old and hasn’t had a new model built in almost just as long. It’s also a camera that CK is more than comfortable with as he’s shot several of his brilliantly absurd short films, arguably the precursor to the Louie we all watch and write essays about now. He was awarded the Webby Person of the Year and still, he’s using a camera that’s well over a half century old.

What has made CK a patron saint of artists everywhere is his own ability to bring his unflinching vision for his comedy together with widespread public acceptance outside the labels of niché or mainstream. His comedy transcends all that categorical nonsense because it’s simply that good and he knows that if it takes him holding a out-of-date camera himself for his own show to do that, Louis CK will do it.


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There’s been a lot talk lately about comedy and the controversial things that should and shouldn’t be said. I say, let’s bring it back to the funny and let the unfunny and shocking fade into obscurity with this week’s 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week.

1. Ryan O’Flanagan has an important message about being a victim. Well, he’s trying to have one.

2. Shut Up! Cartoons latest web series Nature Break gives a glimpse into the lives of animals as we’ve never seen them before: ordering pizza and chatting with neighbors.

3. Nathan Barnatt’s viral dancing videos got him on the cover of LA Weekly, which he told several people about in person.

4. Submitted by sketch group Uncle Mom, there is a new definition of what e “supportive boyfriend.”

5. The cleverly edited conversation between a 12 and 32 year old did indeed go viral, which, it turns out is a watered-down parody of this more PG-13 rated “original” with Elisha Yaffe.

Interview with the Future — watch more funny videos

Per usual, I’m taking submissions for the 5 MIFV like the two featured above. Same rules still apply.
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Having your suspicions fulfilled in being disappointed by Snow White and the Huntsman and can’t get over the fact that Kristen Stewart has a constant look of teenage angst seemingly permanently fixed on her face? Well, whether it’s that incredibly specific problem or one of a billion others, The 5 Most Intentionally Videos This Week are here with the funniest videos on the web made intentionally for laughs by some of the funniest people on the web to make you forget that for about 20 minutes or so. (That’s approximately the collective running time of the 5 videos — after that, I can’t help you forget that you watched Snow White and the Huntsman and did so alone)


1. Two sign spinners (the hilarious Ron Babcock and Andre Hyland) battling each other gets a little intense than you might suspect in OFF’s new music video for “Cracked.”

2. Eric Andre suspected that he might not be perfectly comfortable when appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. So, he took care of that suspicion right off the bat.

3. Clever Pie and Isabel Fay come up with a great way to think of the people that hate whatever you do on the Internet with their song and music video Thank You Hater.

4. The best parody of Prometheus yet, mostly because it’s a near perfect shot for shot parody, is the one that The Soup did with Joel McHale, their android(?) clip show host.

5. If you haven’t seen Pete Holmes as Batman in the spoofs he does on College Humor with Front Page Films, prepare to be amazed, then laugh, per usual, because Pete Holmes is hilarious nearly all the time.

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

Per usual, I’m taking submissions for the 5 MIFV. Same rules still apply.
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