There’s been a lot talk lately about comedy and the controversial things that should and shouldn’t be said. I say, let’s bring it back to the funny and let the unfunny and shocking fade into obscurity with this week’s 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week.

1. Ryan O’Flanagan has an important message about being a victim. Well, he’s trying to have one.

2. Shut Up! Cartoons latest web series Nature Break gives a glimpse into the lives of animals as we’ve never seen them before: ordering pizza and chatting with neighbors.

3. Nathan Barnatt’s viral dancing videos got him on the cover of LA Weekly, which he told several people about in person.

4. Submitted by sketch group Uncle Mom, there is a new definition of what e “supportive boyfriend.”

5. The cleverly edited conversation between a 12 and 32 year old did indeed go viral, which, it turns out is a watered-down parody of this more PG-13 rated “original” with Elisha Yaffe.

Interview with the Future — watch more funny videos

Per usual, I’m taking submissions for the 5 MIFV like the two featured above. Same rules still apply.
-E-mail embeddable video link to
-Submit by the end of Monday (which would be 7/16)
-Videos must be posted online (i.e. have a time stamp that says so) between now 7/10 and the end of Monday 7/16
-Don’t add any cover letters or explanations; please just send the link


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Is everyone as exhausted as we are trying to keep track of all of the 50 Shades of Grey movie news?!

More specifically, all the rumors FLYING around about who will be bringing the seksiness of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to life on the silver, handcuff-bound screen?!

Yeah. WE KNOW!

Luckily, we’ve got it all right here for you, condensed and ready to take your mind wandering to all sorts of nasty, wonderful little places…AFTER THE JUMP!

March 26th:

After an INTENSE bidding war, Universal and Focus Features win out for the rights to bring the Twilight Fanfic-turned-best-selling S&M sensation to the big screen.

Speculation in our minds over who will play the titular main characters runs rampant.

April 25th:

Chris Pine is asked about 50 Shades walking the red carpet at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, claims he’d be interested in playing Christian if the script were good! Salivation begins.

May 1st:

We spontaneously combust when Alexander Skarsgard hears of the project, and jokes that he was “born to play that part.”

May 18th:

Chris Hemsworth admits that “maybe” he’s interested in the role of Christian. Ian Somerhalder‘s name is also thrown into the mix. By this point we’re already head over heels in dream-casting that we can’t even deal!

June 8th:

In a nice change of pace, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale says she wants to play Anastasia!

June 11th:

In a WEIRD change of pace, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis announces that he’s interested in writing the 50 Shades movie adaptation! Throws props to previous collaborator Ian Somerhalder for Christian!

June 13th:

When asked about the potentially participating in the project, Selena Gomez admits she thinks the role of Anastasia would be “a little too much” for her, and suggested an older actress to play the part.

June 19th:

Apparently, Emma Roberts disagrees, and despite not even reading the original work, admits that “it sounds awesome. Anything racy, hot. Sure, let’s get hot.”

June 21st:

Chris Pine clarifies on his earlier remarks regarding playing Christian. Says original quote taken out of context, but if the script were good, he would “take a look at it.”

June 22nd:

Kristen Stewart brings the original novel’s beginnings as Twilight fanfiction full-circle when she reveals that she’d consider playing Bondage Bella 2.0, but she still has to finish the book before she decides.

Molly Ringwald provides HIGHlarious commentary while reading the series, and publicly declares her support of Bret Easton Ellis penning the adaptation!

PHEW! Okay!

Ready for more now! How about U??


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Look, we get it.

Keeping up with the Kardashians can be tough! There are soo many of them, and they’re always up to krazy hijinks!

Because of that, we thought we’d make it easier for you by wrapping up all the goss in one place.

So grab your drink of choice and let’s kiki about KK and the fam for the week of June 17th! …AFTER THE JUMP!


Kim and Kanye had a blast in Paris. When they left their hotel, their giggle-boxes were on the highest of highs. Wonder what was so funny…

Definitely not her OCD! There’s nothing funny about those tendencies!

But speaking of her habits, she does open up about regretting certain things… like the sex-tape! Oprah gets all the first-hand info!


Turns out Hump wants to use that O interview in the divorce case! Ugh…

And oh yeah! Kimmy talked all about losing her virgin status at the young age of 14!

Back to Hump – Kim’s side of the case gets his ex-gf to give up old text messages.

Did we mention Kim got a spanxing??


Seacrest announced there’s no Kardashian end in site. E! will milk that money until 20-forever.

We got to see more Oprah goodness as she previewed the family interview.

Meanwhile, Kim & Kanye did a lil’ more shoppin’ in the city of lights, while Hump not only revealed he wanted Kanye in court but…


…accused Kris of being the brains behind the booty (sex tape)! Pfft.

Then we gabbed about Khloe’s migration and Kimye’s style.

And to our delight, O grilled the gossip BBQ on Kanye.


Hump was at it again, trying to tackle Reggie over to his side of the divorce.

O called Disick the black sheep. America agreed. (but a comical one at that!)


And last, but not least… Kim finally showed the world that she’s cool enough to hang with Bey. Life accomplished! ;)

[Image via WENN.]


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Check out a photo gallery of the celebrities who ROCKED some seriously FEROSH looks this week HERE!

Check out a photo gallery of the celebrities who ROCKED some seriously FEROSH looks this week HERE!

Check out a photo gallery of the celebrities who ROCKED some seriously FEROSH looks this week HERE!

Check out a photo gallery of the celebrities who ROCKED some seriously FEROSH looks this week HERE!

Check out a photo gallery of the celebrities who ROCKED some seriously FEROSH looks this week HERE!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]


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