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Threes A Crowd

Web-Series Deal for Pirincci

The Hollywood Dog is so pleased to announce that actor-comedian impressionist filmmaker and real character Jon Pirincci has signed a deal with an undisclosed internet production company to produce a brand new season of his hit web-series Three’s a Crowd.

Three’s a Crowd

“We just fell back and cried…”

Speaking from The Undisclosed Internet Production Company, Vice President of Development Martin Fromstein said:

Three’s a Crowd is one-part sit-com, one-part reality show, and one-part for actor/comedian Jon Pirincci. My wife and I were huge fans of the first season and when the opportunity came our way to work with Mr. Pirincci, well, we just fell back and cried.  After all, this is Hollywood where dreams come true.”

Like Joe Pesci…

Pirincci, a veteran comedy genius of the Comedia Del Arte school of practical jokes, has the last laugh.  Three’s a Crowd’s deal includes a commitment for multi episodes and will be shot entirely on location on the International Space Station, a new film studio being developed in a secret locale.

Says Jon (who immitaes Joe Peschi… ):

You see.  Most filmmakers don’t understand the subtle art of comedy and film making the way I do.  I grew up on the streets, where I leaned that it’s better to stab a pigeon than to have a raccoon look at you funny.”

Stay tuned to The Hollywood Dog to get the latest breaking info on Three’s a Crowd.

In the mean time, enjoy Episode Two from last season.

For The Hollywood Dog, this is Steven Alan Green, 5/6/17

Starring Jon Pirincci

Actor Jon Pirincci on the set of the latest Jennifer Lawrence film before they arrested him for impersonating a random mobster.

Jon Pirincci is a comedian you never heard of. A favorite of his contemporaries, many of whom are famous, Jon’s focus is on having fun in comedy. His on-camera man-on-the-street stunts, combined with his uncanny parroting of some of the most iconic movie stars of today is always a crowd-pleaser. From performing with the likes of Jay Leno to Andrew Dice Clay, Jon’s act works in any comedy situation because he is so universal.

With credits like co-starring in two national TV commercials with Ellen DeGeneres and working along side modern comedy legends such as David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson, with a key role in Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys” starring Christopher Walken, Jon Pirincci may not be a name you are familiar with today. But, if you keep watching the box, pretty soon Jon will surely be a comedy household name. With the release of these new comedy shorts online, the comedy of Jon Pirincci can be enjoyed at your nearest laptop. Click away and laugh.

Starring Erin Sweeney

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