Three’s a Crowd- Episode Two

“Excuse me” has come to mean “Outta My Way, Buster!”
January 31, 2017
What I Learned From My Boss at The Dog
February 15, 2017
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Three’s a Crowd

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Starring Jon Pirincci

Jon Pirincci is one of those famous names you never heard of. That’s because Jon is a true comedian. A favorite of his contemporaries, many of whom are famous, Jon’s focus is on having fun in comedy. His on-camera man-on-the-street stunts, combined with his uncanny parroting of some of the most iconic movie stars of today is always a crowd-pleaser. From stand-up-ing with the likes of Jay Leno to Andrew Dice Clay, Jon’s act works in any comedy situation because he is so universal. He’s your average guy who happens to be a great comedian. With credits like co-starring in two national TV commercials with Ellen DeGeneres and working alongside modern comedy legends such as David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson, with a key role in Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys” starring Christopher Walken,Jon Pirincci may not be a name you are familiar with today. But, if you keep watching the box, pretty soon Jon will surely be a comedy household name. Now, with the release of his new comedy shorts online, the comedy of Jon Pirincci can be enjoyed at your nearest laptop. Click away and laugh.

Starring Erin Sweeney

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