Jamie Foxx, Influencing the Fall and Failure of Democracy

Jamie Foxx Influences the Fall and Failure of Present American Politics

By: Lindsey Hitt

The state of the country is no surprise to those of us that have stayed tuned in. Let’s get the “election” straight. I put it in quotes because this was not a free election by the citizens. It was a delegation by the wealthier class, to coercively conquer the presidential nomination. Does Jamie know that? Does Katie Holmes know that her new man has no idea what he is doing? I’d think she would want to know considering she just got out of an abusive relationship.

While Bernie Sanders sweat his old balls off in the coach seat of aircrafts to lead the country into this revolution properly, Hilary Clinton and her friends devised a way to STEAL the DNC (Democratic National Committee) nomination. This was when you saw in the news all of the people that actually turned out to vote in the preliminaries- where Arizona had far too long of wait lines as did many other states. This was followed by that committee leaders scrutinization for voter fraud. Why did all of those people show up to vote for the preliminary? Oh yeah, Bernie Sanders. SO THAT HAPPENED. Hilary knew it would be the end for her if she didn’t get on that ballot.

I recall the night President Obama and the First Lady gave her their blessings. I was out at a comedy show on Melrose. Jay Davis hosts the show for near four years or more, The Parlor on Monday nights. A comedian friend from D.C. was visiting, Cristina Payne, and she had a small canine in tow. After the show, Cristina, Diaz Mackie and I smoked a little cali greens outside the venue. After a bit we decided to part ways and Cristina needed a ride up to the Valley. Having two little fur balls at home I wanted to be sure she made it to her destination. She filled up the gas tank of my ’95 convertible and we hit the road… Little did I know I was headed into a social booby trap. Now, while this article may have a bit too much information we will conquer a few “racist” scenarios as well. Let’s be real, black populations are sick and tired of white people. Shit, I’m white and I’m sick and tired of white people.

As we roll up to this mansion on it’s own hill, my car undercarriage clinks and clacks on the innovative cobblestone driveway. As we roll around the fountain in the middle of the circular drive glimmers of shiny sports cars dance in my headlights. A weeping willow tree lays somber in the 3am moonlight as we exit the car with Cristina’s suitcase and puppy dog. A younger, attractive brown man greets us and we head inside. There was a chandelier plastered to every inch of ceiling. No surprise that gold was painted on the wood carved vanity of the sink in the bathroom, resembling images of Egyptian goddesses. As I exit the washroom and head to the front door a cabinet possibly the size of my single apartment was filled with trophies. Not wanting to pry I didn’t stop to look for a name. “Do you want a tour of the property?” the man asks me. Granted it was dark but again, who knows, I oblige. we head to the back yard where pools and spas and miles of hills bask in the moonlight. “Forty acres” the man says as we enter the pool house. The television set is on as we enter the posh black and red room. Cristina sits down on the couch and lets her dog out of the kennel he’s been in.

As I begin to sit down in an office chair in the middle of the room a door in the back of the room opens slowly. A darker black man slips out of the room holding a stern gaze that could burn a hole through me. In my head I think, “Man, that really looks like Jamie Foxx”… um, it is Jamie Foxx says reality. He’s wearing a white T-shirt and white sweat shorts, both with bold American flags pressed onto every inch, three in all (one on each leg). He takes his business gaze to the man that led us into the room and they have a quick exchange. I stand up and walk to meet him, “It’s a pleasure to meet you” manages to fumble out of my mouth. “Oh, hey, yeah.” he offers me some grace before getting fired up. “You guys seen this speech by Michelle Obama? She said her home was built by slaves and her daughters live in it!” For myself, as a Bernie supporter I didn’t having interest in the delegation that day. Jamie began to play back the footage and yes, it was an incredible speech made by a wonderfully historic first lady.

The real issue here lies with the white woman who stole the DNC nomination. “What do you think” were both words of candor and words of doom from Jamie Foxx as I sat there like a good little white girl. “I am a Bernie supporter and he has done more for the black communities than Hilary may ever do.” This was not the answer this king of Hollywood wanted to hear. “What has he done, you tell me.” Jamie fired back. “Well, I don’t have a list, I just know and I don’t like or trust Hilary Clinton and neither should anyone else.” I managed to get it all out in one sentence, thanks Gods. Of course, this shut the situation down and Jamie decided to retire to the main quarters. “It was really nice to meet you, I’d love to give you a hug!” My overzealous, less-than-cool, white girl (I suppose) just has to say something. Well I wasn’t going to just let him leave on that note! “Get this b**ch out my house. That’s some real sh*t” were instead his last words, and traumatizing at the least. It was as if my soul clenched up inside from the cold. My heart felt heavy and the tension in my head like what you may feel climbing a mountain pass thousands of feet. I cried the whole way home. I cried because of the election bullsh*t. I cried because I know my heart was true. I cried because Cristina turned against me, following the crowd and shaming my lack of cooperation. I cried because I wished better for Jamie and for all of my brothers and sisters of every color but especially of African aboriginal. I cried so hard on that two hour drive home it was probably illegal and definitely unsafe, but it was a release of pain beyond my comprehension. 

Today I look back and it sure in an unfortunate feeling of reprisal recalling this experience. I want to tell everyone I’ve spoken to, “I told you so!” That isn’t diplomatic is it? Well neither is stealing the DNC nomination using voter coercion and “super delegates” to win. It is also not diplomatic what Sarah Silverman did to all of those people she fired up about Bernie. “You are being ridiculous” well, Sarah, you ARE ridiculous and should be a ashamed of yourself!  If I had the chance to sit down or even stand up and tell Jamie something more about this I would bring to light Michael Moore, and Alex Jones. I would show him how those leading political activists knew Hilary was corrupt and stole the nomination and they swayed the Bernie supporters to vote for Trump in a last-minute rebellion against the lies and deceit. At least Donald Trump can attempt to be transparent about his belligerent greed rather than hide behind a charitable foundation and classic blonde hair and blue eyes. Or can he.

Stick to the acting Jamie, stick to comedy Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer. I wish more celebrities would stay out of politics or get out of their mansions and sports cars and down to the people’s level to see what’s actually going on before deciding on their level influence. Propaganda takes tools and celebs wind up being pawns for big business and politics becomes a mess of confusion. There are celebs offering true change, among them Mark Ruffalo and Shailene Woodley. Take notes Jamie Foxx, burn those american flag sweat shorts and bow down to that orange dungeness crab of a President elect. 

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