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The Hollywood Dog Productions, a division of  XMasca, LLC, like Christmas in California. We video and develop short subject, commercials, award shows, location shoots,  news programming, comedy shows, interview shows, infomercials.

TheHOLLYWOODdog.com, established 2009,  is our showcase for the development of new talent, promotion and distribution of developed works, videos, articles, images, shows featured by category. Find great spoken word, articles, rap, roasts, music, comedy, parody and informative videos.

We invite musicians, comics, actors, directors, producers, authors to offer their written, pictorial and video presentations provided they are the actual authors and rightful owners of the works presented. All offerings are published at the top of our blog then assigned a semi-permanent address; TheHOLLYWOODdog.com/post.  Posts are simultaneously sent to social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit as well as being streamed by feed and video all over the world.

The HOLLYWOOD dog has the right to promote your work. We do reserve the right to use all or part of your work in a websites, podcasts , cable, broadcast television shows directly pertaining to or not, to your work.  You own your work 100%. We are given use of the work to promote with link backs to your post. Please keep contact information current, we will do our best to keep you apprised of usage.

Opinions expressed in the submitted works are the opinions of the submitting author or video submitter.  We do not accept any works that are hateful or unduly offensive and reserve the right to delete any entry, we deem inappropriate, without notice. Any unlicensed or unauthorized works will be removed with written or emailed notice.

We are an entertainment site and our aim is to entertain and maybe provoke a little thought.  If something needs to be discussed we are glad to discuss it.

Sponsored blog posts are available, proceeds are used to support production, performing arts, live comedy, podcasts in Hollywood, Los Angeles and across the U.S. Our blog features state of the art SEO technology that makes all of our work searchable on Google, Bing and many other search engines.  Find us on Facebook, twitter and other social media.  We have regular visitors from 21 countries and all over the United States.

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