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TheHOLLYWOODdog.com, established 2009, is our showcase for the development of new talent, promotion and distribution of developed works, videos, articles, images, shows featured by category. Find great spoken word, articles, rap, roasts, music, comedy, parody and informative videos. We video and develop short subject, commercials, award shows, location shoots, news programming, comedy shows, interview

Our blogs are written and filmed by the finest out of work writers and filmmakers in Hollywood.

Sponsored blog posts are available, proceeds are used to support production an d promote performing arts, live comedy, and podcasts in Hollywood, Los Angeles and across the U.S. Our blog features state of the art SEO technology that makes all of our work searchable on Google, Bing and many other search engines.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  We have regular visitors from 21 countries and all over the United States

Sponsored Blog Post

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