Save Money in Unexpected Places

One of the most reliable ways to make money is to save money.  Take me for example.  I used to actually feel guilty saving money. I thought it was some kind of admission that I was cheap or something.   These days, with my income?  I need to save money every single day.  It’s one […]

Being There for Peter Sellers

When people ask me what my favorite comedy film of all time is, I often stall for time. “Oh, that’s a tough question.  Do you mean modern comedy or British comedy?  I mean there’s all kinds of comedy; and therefore all kinds of comedy film.  There’s classic love farce like Howard Hawks’ His Girl Friday, […]

Three, If By Air – The United Airlines Fiasco

  The United Airlines fiasco may end up being the opening shot over the bow of a new revolution in this country. We’ve learned this last election that our votes don’t really matter. The insiders in Washington are going to elect whomever they want. Since all politicians are owned by corporate interests, we, the consumer, […]

Passover Means Remembering I’m a Jew

Aside from when they snipped off the end of my penis on my 8th day of life (something I still won’t forgive them for), my 6-month intense study for my “instant Bar Mitzvah”, and the tattooed long number on my Uncle Fishle’s right arm, I forget I’m Jewish.  I even resent it sometimes, particularly when […]