It’s Been a Scorcher

Hotter than Madonna in the early 80’s

Yes, we all know the big news in Southern California.  It’s been hot.  Hotter than Madonna in the early 80’s, like I always like to say.  And, while it’s the perfect time of year to head to the beach or hang pool-side, if you’re like most of us, you gotta work inside.  And so that’s where the conundrum begins. Most of us would rather be out in the hot sun.

Chivalry has been replaced by sunblock

Such beautiful days, you want to enjoy it.  In the old days, one would take a stroll with your loved one, holding an umbrella over her dainty little head to shield my lady from the vicious harsh rays of the sun. Today there’s sunscreen.  Chivalry has been replaced by greasy cream with a SPF of 35.  Everything gets a little more important in hot weather.  Everything is literally illuminated more and just the feeling of being hot changes everyone’s fashion choices.

Image is fashion

High Tops and Doc Martins are replaced by sandals.  Socks are often thrown by the wayside.  Tee shirts and tank tops are in, and leather is left to gather dust in dark and musty closets.  Everyone is going to the gym more because the parts of their bodies exposed to view, such as their flabby arms, are now scrutinized to the nth degree.   Image ultimately becomes as important as health.  After all, image is fashion.   And health is just an extension of fashion.

A writer’s workplace is in the dark

As a writer, my job involves being indoors most of the time.  Sitting at a laptop in a dimly lit room.  It usually takes me a while to warm up, but once there, you can’t stop me.  Pretty soon I’m typing away at the speed of ideas.  Luckily, my office has a little backyard area.  And because of that, I am afforded the luxury of taking sun breaks every 90 minutes.   An hour and a half straight typing at the laptop, then a ten minute break in the sun.   Getting back to nature, even if it’s just to soak up nature’s vitamin D, is a good thing.

Be careful out there

Enjoy your summer.  Whatever you do, make sure you get some sun every day. It’s good for you.  And make sure you’re covered with some good sunscreen. It’s protection from bad things.  Aside from the risk of skin cancer, it protects you from the all annoying sunburn.  Believe me, even though my name is Green, I would rather not be too red.

For the Hollywood Dog, this is Steven Alan Green, L.A. 7-13-17  


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