oh dear

A few nice Famous Dogs images I found:

oh dear
Famous Dogs
Image by wombatarama
Poor Rose is trying to follow in her famous sister’s footsteps.

(like here
and here
www.peoplepets.com/news/funny/pug-in-pug-slippers-wins-ov… )

High Fives All Around
Famous Dogs
Image by Bill Gracey
I know this looks like His Cuteness addressing the adoring multitudes from the balcony, but he was actually, uhm ….. scratching. Seen at the wonderful new Outback exhibit at the San Diego Zoo.

Other pictures that I’ve taken at our world famous local zoo can be seen here ..

Lucy Treat?
Famous Dogs
Image by Amarand Agasi
Lucy is famous over on Dogster, so she wants a treat! 😉

Here’s the original image on Flickr.

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