Yoki is the white one (a Akita Inu, Golden Retriever, Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky half-breed), Yannis (aka Shaft aka Luigi) is the black dog, probably a Hellinikos Ichnilatis half-breed. Yoki is 2 years old. Yannis is 5 years old and originates from the greek island samos (www.animalcaresamos.com). Both dogs came from an animal shelter near cologne (http to us. They stayed together in the animal shelter and we took them both, because we didn’t want to disunite them :-) Funny dogs that found a new home. If you would like to help animals, please take a look on the websites above and this german website: www.hunde-aus-mallorca.de

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Matt Groening has decided to pull the plug on acclaimed comic strip Life in Hell , 34 years after he started it and many years after its anthropomorphic rabbits and gay lovers were eclipsed by his other creations. Groening, 58, started the strip when he was a struggling artist in 1978…
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The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Ken Baumann is officially off the market!

He and his gal, who you might remember from the movie Superbad as McLovin‘s McLover, Aviva Farber, married this past Saturday in Malibu!

The private ceremony resulted them in becoming “very happy,” according to a rep who loves to be obvious.

Age be damned, too! Ken is 22, and Aviva is 27! (5 years is nothin’)


Sounds beautiful!

Congrats, guys!

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You’ve seen this scene in various movies and TV shows a dozen times before: a person reanimates during their own funeral, sending everyone swooning and screaming. Apparently, this actually happened in Brazil, at a service for 2-year-old Kelvin Santos. Right before Kelvin’s actual funeral, he unexpectedly (obviously) sat up in his open casket and asked his father for some water.

Antonio Santos, Kelvin’s father, explained to a reporter:

“Everybody started to scream. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Then we thought a miracle had taken place and our boy had come back to life.”

But the joy was, unfortunately, short-lived:

“Then Kelvin just laid back down, the way he was. We couldn’t wake him. He was dead again.”

The funeral was delayed in hopes that he might once again return to life, but eventually it was accepted that the poor boy was truly dead.

While it would be tempting to attribute the supernatural to the anomalous event, Kelvin’s dad suspects medical malpractice is the blame:

“Fifteen minutes after rushing him away for resuscitation, they came and told me he was dead and handed me his body. Perhaps they didn’t examine him properly. Dead people don’t just wake up and talk. I’m determined to find out the truth.”

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