Why Im Not Putting Up A Christmas Tree

No Luxury is Safe From Sustainability
No Luxury is Safe From Sustainability

What’s up, dawgs! You know I love to share my real opinion, as real as it can be. Call me Scrooge but what is going with the Christmas tree?? Oh Christmas tree, how dry and burnt your branches… Being from the Lake Tahoe Basin I pay attention to the environment, and with some learning in the medicines I view sickness in a broad scope. Many diseases have taken tolls on large bands of trees in North America. Including severe drought, mountain pine or bark beetles and varieties of fungus. With the world caught in the middle of such catastrophic suppositions it seems inhumane and even criminal to be chopping down a tree that would last longer than my own life and then decorating it like a drag queen for Gay Pride. The story of the tree, though, what is it? Is it the pagan holiday where we scavenge the forrest for nuts and berries and medicinal mushrooms. Placing the winter bounty under and on top of the meeting spot our elder guide arranged for us. Is is the Hanukkah bush, a representation of bounty and life…

Before modernism I can imagine it was difficult to live a single day without learning a new skill or task or fact about the world. Fast forward to 2016 and we couldn’t be further from our roots. No pun intended since you chopped them off… Humans have evolved to the extent our existence in coming years is debatable? Yet, we have harnessed almost every available resource for our own gain not the environments. OH Christmas TREE!! We still have the time and money (credit okay) to purchase a slaughterhouse Doug Fir for the delight of the season. Lest we not forget the fire hazard that this seemingly barbaric tradition offers our home. How nice that the lights we so admire gleaming off the dying branches could ruin our lives, even permanently. The floor below the tree filled with Chinese plastic, created by burning crude fuel sent to those nations. The pollution in Asia so bad it closely resembles England’s Great Smog of 1952. You cannot see the sparkling lights of a tree or on a home with the level of pollution we are talking about. Let alone gasp at the lovely sight of a glowing bush.

That’s okay, America has environmental protection laws preventing our air from filling with those toxins. Wonderful, seasonal gatherings soon to litter the landfills. The more glitter the worse for the environment, the fake tree a bi-product of oil as well. I’m not fussing with the despicably ironic, wasteful, tasteless pain in the ass, Oh, Christmas tree! Maybe you read this and you bought a living tree and you plan to plant it. Are you sure you won’t be fined?? After all it seems typical for regulation to waste money to throw you in jail for doing the right things and keeping you loose if you are prepared to pillage the Earth. How about a sponsor-a-tree program to rebuild forests? We have the technology to take a photo and create a hologram. We could even design it with an air freshener combo to spritz the room with an “evergreen” scent.Can we get some GMO trees up in here?? I hope you enjoy your tree as much as I enjoy the absence of death and destruction in my home this winter. If you plan to chop up your tree and use it for firewood or even mulch or compost… May the magic of natural light warm your path to sustainability.

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