The Naked Comedian

Great exposure is something all comedians want. In my case, it’s happening a little too literally.

Comic in image not me.

I’ve been a professional stand-up comedian since I first got hired at The Comedy Store March of 1981.  I’ve performed all over America and Canada and the UK and Western Europe.  I was on television six times in the UK.  I’ve been in movies and film.  I’ve played the finest most famous legendary venues in the world, including The London Palladium.  But, I’ve never.  Never.  Been naked on stage.  That is, until now….

Couple of years ago I reviewed a show for The Jewish Journal.  It was The Naked Comedy Show.  Yes, that’s right.  The comedians on stage were fully naked.  But (BIG BUTT), so was the audience.  Including this writer.  The rules of the show are that everyone in the room has to be naked, including the audience.  Everyone has to bring a towel.  And the show sells out, even at $50 a ticket.  Primarily because everyone wants to have that public naked experience.  It’s a real unconscious sexual, but non-sexual dream.  Even children have the nightmare of being discovered naked in public.   Rules are very strict and enforced.  No cameras; everyone has to be polite.  It’s really about positive body image.  So, I go to this show, balance my notepad on my naked hairy knee and write the review.

Headlining Comedy

Two years later I get booked as the headlining comedian for a new and better naked comedy show producer in The Nude Comedy Show.  I’m looking forward and yes, am already writing dick jokes.  Pulling all kinds of comedy genius right outta my ass.

Come see me this June 6 at The Two Roads Theatre in North Hollywood.  See me naked.  But, I’ll also see YOU naked in the audience.  I’m sure it will be great exposure.

For The Hollywood Dog, this has been Steven Alan Green.

Always willing to wave around whatever might be in front of me.

Sag, 3/30/17 (maybe I should consider changing my nickname…)

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